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Boddington’s Big Game Bullets for Africa

by Craig Boddington   |  June 11th, 2012 13

Our man gives you the ultimate bullet selection plan for Dark Continent big game that requires a big rifle.

9.3mm/.366 // .375 // .400 // .416 // .423 // .458 // .468 and up

  • Dan

    I believe that the laws involving caliber minimums is simply a business measure to eliminate many more than suitable rounds for african game. It will take the .416 decades to ever come close to the amount of elephants that were taken with the .303 british 215 grain. I've watched cape buffalo fall to the feet of a .338 winchester with authority, and with the propietary rounds in 33 caliber pushing 3200 fps with 250 grain bullets, does anybody really think that the .416 is that dominating. The .375 H&H is a great round and magical in the hands of a good hand loader but with some countries limiting the minimum to .416 you can all but say good-bye to the Holland and Holland. It's really a matter of fixing something that isn't broken only for financial gain.

  • R Cipher

    The 375 H&H is awesom firepower.especially in the hands of a reloader. I have done things with a 375,i didnt think possible.!!!!!!!!

  • Slappy

    Wow, takes a pretty rugged person to bring down a "Nastie" Elephant with a gun! Especially from long range and probably from the back of a running truck. You must feel like a real hero.

  • terry roach

    terry roach
    i shot more elephant in a day than Boddington shot in his life, so the best gun use is the one you use the best
    375 416 470 , what ever. I used a 404

    • Rifleman

      Craig Boddington is one the most experienced African hunters out there. You sir are full of crap.

      • nunda

        Google Terry Roach and then give your above statement a second thought.
        Terry is a PH and have more experiences in his little Finger than Boddington will get in numerous lifetimes.

  • Orest

    I like to use the 416 Ruger for DG in Africa. Then use the 375 Ruger for plains game and a 308 Win for small and middle size game with 180 grain bullets. The 416 is made by ERShaw and the 375 & 308 is made by Howa, all to SS barrels and 24" long. What a great pick to take African game with.

  • Rifleman

    Some of the posts on here are ludicrous. When hunting large and dangerous animals,you use a larege bullet, end of discussion. And for the non-hunters, dangerous game is hunted at short range, and not from theback of a moving truck.

  • Edward Smith

    .458 Win Mag is the best IMO and anything less is for 'meat hunters' and 'testers'. Stick with the gold standard of 500 grain solids.

  • Dan

    I have never shot anything larger than an elk. I have read copuios amounts of prose from Jack, Elmer, and Bell. Jack`s wife Elenor shot an elephant with a 30/06 ,loaded with a 220 grain solid. Bell shot lots of elephant with a 7x57mm. Elmer shot with big bores. All agreed it was penitration to a vital spot which killed. I rest my case.

  • Steve Baumgartner

    I don't know how many of you are aware of the "specialty" calibers of Roy Weatherby. I own a 338-378 Weatherby Magnum. I have a custom cartridge loader that makes a 225 grain Barnes TSX-Tipped, travel at muzzle 3300 ft per sec. muzzle energy was rated at 6,000 lbs. When you think of this type of velocity and energy in this 338 bullet, short of just a few animals on this earth should not be standing when hit with this cartridge. Mind you, I can go up to a 250 grain bullet and a 300 grain as well. I admire what Roy Weatherby was after and that is a smaller caliber bullet punching out tons of energy and velocity that say a 416 or 460 could crank out. I would have 100% confidence in my 338-378 Weatherby Magnum to take any animal down that is not bigger than a Rhyno. It will take a Lion and any thing else smaller than a Rhyno.

  • Tim Hill

    This is all about ideals. I have next to no experience with dangerous game because it has been beyond my purse for most of my life. The most dangerous thing I have done to date is bull riding when in College. But I have met Boddington personally and he seems a practical courteous person, as honest as most of us. If a person were to choose two rifles to hunt Africa with I can't imagine anything better than a lightweight .458 Win & a 9.3 x62 .The ,458 would be loaded with 450 grain barnes solids & hp's at 9? pounds. That gives you a rifle that will work on anything from 0 to 300 yards with a scope. The 9.3 x 62 can work on everything as well as serve as a small antelope rifle. I know, from personal experience, the new recoil pads are much more effective than in the past. Particularly, I can't imagine a better one gun battery than a 9.3 x 62 at 7- 8 pounds with scope. Adequate anywhere in the world for anything with minimum blast, size and recoil. It makes more sense to me than a .338 Sabi as a light rifle. I would love to hear comment on this strategy and see what others think?

    • Leblanc

      You are right 9.3×62 for everything. No mag needed. The 9.3×62 has work great for many years ( 1905 )

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