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Most Accurate .22 Ammunition?

by Scott E. Mayer   |  May 24th, 2011 11

Q: I usually can be found on the range shooting an M1A, but recently have turned to using a .22 rifle to practice with because it’s less expensive and easier to focus on the fundamentals without all the noise and recoil. I have a Marlin Model 2000L. It’s a great rifle, but I’m having trouble finding someone who can tell me what ammunition shoots best in it. I feel this .22 has the potential for great accuracy but I have yet to find it. What ammunition shoots best in it?—David H.

A: Guns are like women. They’re built alike, but you can’t tell how one will react by observing another. You will have to try several different types of ammunition until you find the one that your specific rifle shoots best. Begin with the least expensive ammunition you can find, and buy only one box each. Once you find the one that shoots best, go back to the place of purchase, and buy as much of that lot as you can. The lot number is usually on the inside flap of rimfire ammunition boxes. I recall a friend who bought a new Browning Buck Mark pistol. He spent a considerable amount of money on premium and imported ammunition and wasn’t happy with the accuracy. I suggested starting with the cheapest ammunition and working up in cost from there. He found a load for about a buck a box that shot best.–sem

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