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The Other .22s

by Brad Fitzpatrick   |  June 25th, 2012 5

The .22 centerfire family has many distant cousins you may not know about.

.222 Remington // .222 Remington Magnum // .22-250 Ackley // .220 Swift // .224 TTH // .225 Winchester

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Introduced in 1950, the .222 Remington was certainly not the fastest .22 on the market. However, it produced virtually no recoil, didn't burn barrels and lacked the muzzle blast found on hotter .22s like the .220 Swift. It was also very accurate. The .222 Remington was largely replaced by the .223, but fans remain, particularly among those who remember the .222's benchrest glory days during the mid-twentieth century.

  • colfoot

    I have one of the Sako Vixen heavy barrel models. Has been one of my favorites sincee getting it in early 60's

  • R Hancock

    You missed some, like the 220 Barnes QT (a perfectly suitable big game load with the 170 gr bullets).

    Anyway, the .22 family is always interesting!

  • J. Frischkorn

    Had a Remington 700 in .222 Remington Foolishly sold it my brother so I could buy a .223. A dozen years later I bought it back. Guess what? I don't have the .223 anymore and I'll never abandon the .222 ever again, even though there is a population of Ohio groundhogs who probably wished I would have but can't can't because they're dead.

  • sharon svensson

    I inherited all my step-Grandfathers guns when my Grandmother passed.

    Some of the guns 30-06 8mms,30-40 Kraig,and British 303s kick so hard that it is painful on my collar bone.

    Most old military guns that are not worth to much I guess, but several are not….One is a 22 Hornet that has no kick whatsoever and on a good warm sunny day is so much fun to see how close you can shoot to the middle with it…Another is a 32/20 but doesn't carry as far….

    Charts say these 22s centerfires come out the barrels really fast even this 22 hornet even tho' the shell is very small….There is a Ruger ranch rifle also that shoots a 223 doesn't kick much either,but is not as accurate as the 22 Hornet….Shooting them in a padded vise to hold them dead on.

  • sharon svensson

    I have a RCBS reloader with different deals in green caaes to reload these shells, but am totally, totally ignorant how to use them….Also the powder must be very old as the cans for a pound say $2.65 for the 4320,4895,4064, and say $3.30 for one pound medal square cans that is Hercules 2400…The people at the gun place did not know how long powder last and didn't know if it was still safe to use…It must have been bought way back because the prices are north of $24.00 now….The 4831 powder say surplus military and says 89 cents a pound for a huge square tin of it….It says Jensen's Custom Ammo ..Tucson, Azirona on it.

    My grandfathers notes say to use 10 grains of 2400 to reload the 22 hornet at 7,000 grains to the pound I can reload a lot with just under five pounds, but is it still safe?…does anyone know if powder can expire and be dangerous as it gets older?…
    I probaley sound dumb to someone that knows things like that.

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