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The Other .22s

by Brad Fitzpatrick   |  June 25th, 2012 5

The .22 centerfire family has many distant cousins you may not know about.

.222 Remington // .222 Remington Magnum // .22-250 Ackley // .220 Swift // .224 TTH // .225 Winchester


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Introduced in 1950, the .222 Remington was certainly not the fastest .22 on the market. However, it produced virtually no recoil, didn't burn barrels and lacked the muzzle blast found on hotter .22s like the .220 Swift. It was also very accurate. The .222 Remington was largely replaced by the .223, but fans remain, particularly among those who remember the .222's benchrest glory days during the mid-twentieth century.

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