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Magnum Primers for Non-Magnum Loads

by Joseph von Benedikt 0

Everybody knows that magnum primers are for magnum cartridges, right? But savvy hunters who anticipate shooting in very cold conditions—say,… more »


5 Unappreciated Rifle Cartridges

by Brad Fitzpatrick 6

The American hunting public is sometimes hard to figure out. We glom onto rifle cartridges which aren’t that great while… more »


Five Great .308 Based Cartridges

by Layne Simpson 10

Regardless of what products a company develops or invents, there are bound to be a few losers in the mix…. more »


Bullet Trajectory: Shooting Downhill and Uphill

by Joseph von Benedikt 6

Making precise hits when shooting downhill and uphill has morphed from dark wizardry to science over the past several decades. As… more »


6 Simple Steps to Improve Long Range Shooting Accuracy

by Brad Fitzpatrick 11

The growing popularity of long-range shooting has prompted firearm and optics companies to develop new products that make it easier… more »


How Temperature, Altitude and Humidity Affect Shooting

by Craig Boddington 0

A hundred years ago, on an Alberta whitetail hunt, I endured a really nasty cold snap. You’d think the deer… more »


Bullet Basics: Bonded vs. Non-Bonded Bullets

by Joseph von Benedikt 7

When choosing the right bullet for any hunting application, its important to understand the differences and performance characteristics between bonded and non-bonded bullets…. more »


Why Hunters Prefer High Ballistic Coefficient Bullets

by J. Scott Rupp 9

My favorite guitarist, the late Jerry Garcia, once said, “On this planet, louder is better.” And so it is with… more »


Fact or Fiction: The Tale of the Tape

by Brad Fitzpatrick 24

Rumor has it that duct tape over the muzzle of a firearm can prevent mud and debris from obstructing your… more »


Ballistics Test: The Best Big Game Bullets

by Joseph von Benedikt 8

One of the hallmarks of a great big game bullet is its ability to offer good terminal performance from very… more »

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