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Rifle Recoil

Don’t Flinch! 8 Ways to Save Yourself from Rifle Recoil

by Brad Fitzpatrick 10

Recoil is a nasty byproduct of shooting rifles, but ignoring recoil can cause major problems that are quick to develop… more »


The Other .22s

by Brad Fitzpatrick 5

The .22 centerfire family has many distant cousins you may not know about. .222 Remington // .222 Remington Magnum // .22-250 Ackley //… more »


Running Shots: 5 Things to Consider

by Brad Fitzpatrick 7

The ethics of shooting game on the run is hotly debated. Some claim that they would only shoot at moving… more »


5 Steps to a Rifle Revamp

by Brad Fitzpatrick 5

Want to turn your old deer gun into a tackdriver? Consider these five steps that are guaranteed to increase the… more »


Spit Shine: 4 Steps To A Clean Rifle

by Brad Fitzpatrick 7

Aftermarket barrels, good triggers, premium ammo and top-shelf optics will all help your rifle shoot well, but without regular cleaning… more »


PH Rifle Suggestions For 10 Popular African Hunts

by Brad Fitzpatrick 12

Not all Dark Continent hunts are the same. Some of Africa’s top PHs weigh in on what gun to bring… more »


Varmint Matchmaker: Find The Varmint Rifle That’s Best For You

by Brad Fitzpatrick 0

Different varmint hunting setups call for different guns. Terrain, hunting style and personality play a large part in determining which… more »


Review: Kimber 84L Montana

by Brad Fitzpatrick 19

On most mountain hunts the first night in camp is generally spent around a campfire discussing which rifles and cartridges… more »


6 Great Rifles You Can Buy With A $600 IRS Refund

by Brad Fitzpatrick 8

With the IRS filing deadline upon us, there might be a refund headed your way or maybe the cash is… more »

CZ 550 Carbine Kevlar

Review: CZ 550 Aramid Composite

by Brad Fitzpatrick 6

Available in a variety of chamberings and stock configurations, the CZ 550—a Mauser-inspired, controlled-round feed action—offers reliability and accuracy at… more »

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