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Olympic 50m Prone Recap

by J. Scott Rupp   |  August 3rd, 2012 1
Michael McPhail

Michael McPhail was in a nine-way tie with other shooters trying to make the final. After a five-shot shoot-off, he missed making the cut by 0.3 point.

The medal drought continued for USA’s rifle shooters, but not for lack of trying. Today in 50m Prone, historically a strong suit for the USA, Michael McPhail of Darlington, WI, found himself locked in  a nine-way tie for third place after the qualifying round at 595/600. In the five-shot shoot-off that followed, McPhail’s 51.3 score (in shoot-offs and finals, the target’s scoring rings are broken into tenths, with the maximum score for a shot being 10.9) fell 0.3 point short of making the eight-man final.

While those nine shooters and the rest of the field struggled with conditions, Sergei Martynov of Belarus had no such problems as he equaled the world record in the qualifying around: a perfect 600. Close behind was Lionel Cox of Belgium at 599, and veteran Olympian Rajmond Debevec was four points off the lead at 596. And that was the order in which they finished for the medals, with Martynov setting another world record—this one a finals world record of 705.5 (600 in the qualifier, 105.5 in the 10-shot final).

McPhail’s USA teammate, Eric Uptagrafft of Phenix City, AL, fired a 594 in the qualifier.


Eric Uptagrafft

Eric Uptagrafft also narrowly missed making the final and finished in 16th place.

50m Prone

  • Gold—Martynov, Sergei (BLR)                     600*+105.5          705.5**
  • Silver—Cox, Lionel (BEL)                              599+102.2           701.2
  • Bronze—Debevec, Rajmond (SLO)              596.105.0            701.0
  • 4. Karmakar, Joydeep (IND)                         595+104.1            699.1
  • 5. Brodmeier, Daniel (GER)                          595+103.2            698.2
  • 6. Han, Jinseop (KOR)                                   595+103.2            698.2
  • 7. Durkovic, Bojan (CRO)                              595+103.2            698.0
  • 8. Campriani, Niccolo (ITA)                          595+102.6            697.6
  • 9. McPhail, Michael (USA)                            595
  • 16. Uptagrafft, Eric                                         594
  • *equals world record
  • **world record
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