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USA Strikes Gold in Women’s 50m 3 Position

by J. Scott Rupp   |  August 4th, 2012 1
jamie beyerle gray

Jamie Beyerle Gray set two Olympic records en route to the USA's first medal in the rifle events.

For a while it seemed like the USA medal drought in rifle competition would never end, but Jamie Beyerle Gray made it rain today in Women’s 50m 3 Position. Gray who originally hails from Lebanon, PA, set an Olympic record of 592/600 in the qualifier to lead the field by two points. And she did it in interesting fashion, notching scores of 198/200 in prone, a fantastic 198 in the standing position and a 196 kneeling. And if that wasn’t enough, she set another Olympic record for her overall score of 691.9, courtesy of a 99.9 tally for the 10 standing shots  in the final round (in finals competition, the scoring rings are broken into tenths, and the highest value of any give shot is 10.9 points). Her lowest shot in the final was 8.9, but her seven 10s—ranging from 10.0 to a 10.8 on her last shot—more than made up for that.

The finals didn’t hold much drama as Gray finished more than four points ahead of her nearest competitor, Ivana Maksimovi of Serbia, who fired a 590 in the qualifying round and added a 97.5 in the finals for a 687.5 and the silver medal. Gray and Maksimovic were way ahead of the pack. Bronze medalist Adela Sykorova of the Czech Republic shot a 584 in the qualifier and a solid 99.0 in the final to earn her spot on the podium.

Gray’s teammate, Amanda Furrer of Spokane, WA, finished in 15th place with a 581, a score that was only three points off qualifying pace and placed her in the top third of the field.

Amanda Furrer

Amanda Furrer fired a 581, just three points shy of qualifying for the final. She finished in 15th place.

This was Gray’s second Olympics. In 2008 in Beijing she came close to medaling in air rifle, finishing fourth, and placed fifth in 50m 3 Position, and last year she was named USA Shooting’s Rifle Athlete of the Year. And, of course, earlier this year the University of Alaska-Fairbanks grad came close to medaling in Women’s 10m Air Rifle.

In 2011 she married Hank Gray, a member of the U.S. Army Marksmanship, and she’s currently the technical coach of the Columbus State University rifle team in Columbus, GA.


 Women’s 50m 3 Position

  • Gold—Gray, Jamie Beyerle (USA)           592*+99.9        691.9**
  • Silver—Maksimovic, Ivana (SRB)            590+97.5          687.5
  • Bronze—Sykorova, Adela (CZE)               584+99.0          683.0
  • 4. Bogacka, Sylwia (POL)                           583+98.9          681.9
  • 5. Pejcic, Snjezana (CRO)                           584+97.9           681.9
  • 6. Engleder, Barbara (GER)                       583+97.8           680.8
  • 7. Vdovina, Daria (RUS)                              584+94.2           680.8
  • 8. Nagay, Agnieszka (POL)                          584+942            678.2
  • 15. Furrer, Amanda (USA)                           581
  • * Olympic record
  • ** Olympic finals record
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