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Modern Rifle Adventures explores the basic AR-platform rifle as a modern sporting hunting tool. Travelling to some of the most rugged and demanding terrain in America, hosts Dick Metcalf and J. Guthrie will show why the AR-platform is rapidly becoming the “new” firearm of choice for everything from prairie dogs to grizzly bears.

Where to Buy

Modern Rifle Adventures can be purchased online at the InterMedia Outdoors Store.

Season 1

  1. Texas Aoudad
  2. South Carolina Boar
  3. Missouri Whitetail
  4. Texas Nilgai
  5. New Mexico Elk
  6. Texas Bobcat
  7. Texas Pronghorn
  8. Colorado Bison
  9. Florida Gator
  10. Illinois Coyote
  11. Texas Feral Hog
  12. Wyoming Varmints
  13. Greatest Hits 2010