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Now on the Newsstands: RifleShooter May/June 2018 Issue

by RifleShooter Online Staff   |  April 3rd, 2018 0

RifleShooter May/June 2018 Issue

Our RifleShooter May/June issue will be on Newsstands from April 3rd.

Springfield Loaded M1A

Springfield Loaded M1A

J. Scott Rupp looks at the Springfield Loaded M1A in 6.5 Creedmoor – a perfect marriage of platform and caliber.

.260 Remington

.260 Remington

Craig Boddington writes about seven cartridges which continue to hang on, largely thanks to the love of their fans. One of them is the .260 Remington.


In this issue Joseph von Benedict tells you what you need to know to get started in long-range competition.

Also in this issue….

Ruger’s American Ranch rifle takes on a decidedly not-American 7.62×39 caliber and comes out a winner.

Windham Weaponry’s AR-15 in .450 Bushmaster is a gun with a fine heritage behind it.

RifleShooter Magazine is available in both print and digital version. Subscribe here.

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