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Browning BAR – A Classic Update

by Layne Simpson

Browning trots out a new BAR Mark 3 in time for the gun’s 50th anniversary.

Top to bottom: Winchester 94, Marlin 336C, Mossberg 464.

Lever-Action Shootout

by Joseph von Benedikt

We put a Marlin, a Mossberg and a Winchester through their paces to find out how they stack up against one another.


Comparing American And European Rifle Cartridges

by Craig Boddington

There are often parallel choices between European metric cartridges and American “English” Cartridges.


AR-15 Buyer’s Guide

by Keith Wood

Modern sporting rifles, especially those designed on the AR-15 pattern, have become the most popular centerfire rifles in the U.S.,… more »


Scope vs. Iron Sights

by RifleShooter Video Team

Countless shooters will say that one option is better than the other, and the argument has no end in sight…. more »


Wolf PSU 1-4x32mm Scope Review

by Jim Grant

Russian scopes aren’t worth the zinc they’re cast in. At least, this has been the prevailing opinion of optics aficionados… more »


A Christmas Flintlock

by J. Scott Rupp

In terms of shooting and hunting, for many years, Christmas meant one thing: late rabbit season with our beagles. It… more »


Simple Steps to Setting Up a Scope

by Wayne van Zwoll

When it comes to riflescopes, little things make a big difference…


Rifle Shooter 2016 Holiday Gift Guide

by Brad Fitzpatrick

With the holidays approaching it’s time to start thinking about presents, and if there’s someone on your list that loves… more »


Remington Timeline: 1988 – M24 Sniper Rifle

by RifleShooter Online Staff

Military units in the 1980s, especially the newly organized Light Infantry Divisions, found themselves without sniper rifles in their scout… more »


Developing Hunting Handloads

by Joseph von Benedikt

Good terminal performance on game—particularly heavy muscled, densely boned big game—is achieved by bullet design characteristics far different from those… more »


Remington Timeline: 1940 – Remington Prepares for the Coming Conflict

by RifleShooter Online Staff

At the beginning of 1940, Remington and its subsidiaries employed nearly 4,500 workers, and by year’s end 6,700 were employed… more »


Changing Buffer Weight on AR15s

by David Fortier

Of all the parts on an AR15, the buffer is perhaps the most insipid. It spends its life hidden in… more »


Hornady Introduces 4DOF Ballistic Calculator

by RifleShooter Online Staff

Hornady Ammunition introduced a new kind of ballistic calculator based on patent-pending technology. The company is calling this new calculator… more »


Review: Hornady ELD-X Precision Hunter Ammo

by Brad Fitzpatrick

One upon a time, the 400, 500 and 600 yard shooting lanes at our local rifle club were rarely visited… more »


Getting Started in F-Class Shooting

by Joseph von Benedikt

If you like playing the precision long-range game—setting up super-accurate rifle/ammo combinations, calculating extreme ballistics and doping wind—F-Class shooting is… more »


The Benefits of Electronic Hearing Protection

by James Tarr

Technology has progressed at an amazing pace in the last few decades, but the shooting world hasn’t been left behind… more »


Review: Ruger No. 1 Varminter

by Stan Trzoniec

Looking though my three-ring binder where I keep records of all my handloads, I took notice that my first Ruger… more »

Jon Lacorte shooting a Remington Model 700 700 VSF (Varmint Synthetic Fluted) with a TEKOA 3-12X42 Scope.

The Genius of TRACT Optics

by Bryce Towsley

The great innovations in our world rarely come from big, bloated, long-established companies. Rather, they come from people with a… more »


Addressing the Foot-Pound Fallacy

by Craig Boddington

Decades have passed since Col. Townsend Whelen theorized we should have 1,000 ft.-lbs. of energy at the animal to cleanly… more »