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Mossberg MMR Pro

by Brad Fitzpatrick 0

The Mossberg MMR Pro delivers 3-Gun features for shooters looking for a competition-ready gun direct from the manufacturer.


The Big Bad “Wulf”

by Patrick Sweeney 0

Alexander Arms’ Beowulf Tactical puts .50 caliber power in the AR-15 platform.


Review: S&W Performance Center M&P15 Competition

by James Tarr 0

Smith & Wesson’s newest AR-15 is aimed squarely at the 3-Gun crowd but has features any AR shooter is sure to appreciate.

The Colt M16A1 harkens back to the original rifle.

Colt Doubles Down

by David Fortier 0

The company drops two new AR-15s into the market—one retro and one modern.


Linking Up Your AR – The Crimson Trace Linq

by J. Scott Rupp 0

Crimson Trace solves the puzzle of how to run a laser on an ar without wires.


AR-15 Buyer’s Guide

by Keith Wood 0

Modern sporting rifles, especially those designed on the AR-15 pattern, have become the most popular centerfire rifles in the U.S.,… more »


Scope vs. Iron Sights

by RifleShooter Video Team 0

Countless shooters will say that one option is better than the other, and the argument has no end in sight…. more »


Changing Buffer Weight on AR15s

by David Fortier 0

Of all the parts on an AR15, the buffer is perhaps the most insipid. It spends its life hidden in… more »


Review: Ruger AR-556

by James Tarr 0

I’m a man who can admit when I am wrong—no matter what my ex-wife might say. When I heard Ruger… more »


POF Puritan in 5.56 Review

by James Tarr 0

Over the years I have had opportunities to examine and shoot POF-USA rifles belonging to friends or acquaintances, but my… more »

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