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Bolt vs. AR: What’s the Best Predator Rifle?

by David Faubion 2

Few things equal the thrill of a predator coming to a distress call. It can produce an adrenaline dump strong… more »


Remington Issues Voluntary Recall on Model 700 & Seven Rifles

by RifleShooter Online Staff 1

On Apr. 11, 2014, Remington announced a voluntary recall of Model 700 and Model Seven rifles with X-Mark Pro (XMP)… more »


Browning A-Bolt III Review

by Brad Fitzpatrick 3

If you’re a fan of professional athletics, you’ve certainly heard the term “depth.” Depth is a critical element to the… more »


Flexing its Muscle: Mossberg MVP Flex Review

by Layne Simpson 1

Mossberg introduced the initial version of its MVP rifle back in 2011. The name, in case you don’t already know,… more »

Colt M2012

Colt M2012 Review

by Patrick Sweeney 3

You have to have both a long memory and have been at this for some time to remember the last… more »


How to Build a Custom Gun Stock from a Semi-Inlet

by Keith Wood 1

The practicality of high-quality synthetics aside, many shooters appreciate the aesthetics of a fine walnut gunstock. If executed properly, a… more »

Nosler Model 48 Outfitter

Nosler Model 48 Outfitter Review

by Brad Fitzpatrick 0

In 1946, John Nosler had a dilemma. He needed a bullet that could be counted upon to expand reliably and… more »

Mauser M12

A Modern Classic: Mauser M12 Review

by Craig Boddington 3

I sit on the board of the Conklin Foundation, a hunting/conservation entity named in honor of the late Dr. Jim… more »


World’s Greatest Hunting Rifle: D’Arcy Echols Legend Review

by Keith Wood 31

In a perfect world, all hunting rifles would feed, fire and eject 100 percent of the time in all possible… more »


Forbes Model 24B Review

by Layne Simpson 6

I first met Melvin Forbes at a trade show in 1985. He was there to introduce a revolutionary new rifle,… more »

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