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Introducing the Savage Hog Hunter & Savage Rascal

by Staff Report   |  January 23rd, 2012 20

Bill Dermody introduces us to two new product offerings for 2012: The Savage Hog Hunter and the Savage Rascal, a youth-sized bolt-action .22.

  • Scott

    Never mentioned the caliber of the hog hunter.

  • paul

    Hopefully this will be availible more readilly than the Modle 111 lrh…

  • ben

    The cal. R 223/308/338win

  • Dick

    Savage 11/111 Hog Hunter

    Savage SKU: 19661 – 223 REM
    Savage SKU: 19662 – 308 WIN
    Savage SKU: 19663 – 338 WIN

  • Sean

    Never heard anything of the MSRP either.

    • markinalpine

      Savage SKU: 19661 – 223 REM MSRP $513
      Savage SKU: 19662 – 308 WIN MSRP $513
      Savage SKU: 19663 – 338 WIN MSRP $513
      From the Savage web-site:
      Go down the menu column on the left and click on Specialty Series, then click 11/111 Hog Hunter

  • mark

    need one in a 300 or a 7mm two favorites reach out and get sum

  • mark

    need one in a 300 or a 7mm two favorites reach out and get sum

  • McThag

    How about a detachable mag version of the hog gun?

  • john

    Need MSRP and 7mm Mag plus suppressor for night shooting hogs are crafty bunch

  • Gregg Bannan

    When will yall ever come out with a 22-250 with a wooden stock??

    • mark

      hey greg they have the vangaurd 22-250 in a wood stalk

  • Herman Standridge

    need a cheaper 220 swift in 111,


    I LIKE MY SAVAGES BUT LOOKS LIKE A HALF ASS ATTEMPT AT A HOG GUN. maybe they should try to go hog hunting . what r u going to do when u happen across 50 or 60 hogs or in brush u would think they would put more into it what a shame

  • joey

    Love to gave one in a 7 mm

  • Draeger

    I'm thinking 35 Whelan would be nice, although I've never hunted wild hogs before, so i could be wrong on the cal.

  • Lopaka Kanaka

    It looks good but what cailber? What is the MSRP on the rifle? I currently use a 750 Remington in a 30-06 with a 10 round Magazine for Wild Boar hunting. All NRA Members, Hunters, and Target Buffs, Keep shooting and Protect "Our Rights To Bear Arms". We need a new commander in chief who will protect our 2ND Ammendant Right to Bear Arms for every American Citizen who Love our "GUNS"…

  • Al Brady

    Absolutely, Lopaka! If any item in the Bill of rights can be neutered, it will set precedent for loss of all the rest. Any enemy of the 2d Amendment, is an enemy of the Bill of Rights, the Constitution, our nation and US! WE are the US! We need be talking of freedom much more through the end of the year.

    • hicard

      358 Win. would be nice.

  • brizley gaer

    i'd like to see it offered in the handgun maximun calibers-357 maximum, 414 and 445 supermag or even or even the standard versions they should pack a little over a ton of energy fron a 20 inch barrel rifle. to me, it would be the ideal hog gun, medium power, and large caliber but small cartridges for high magazine capacity, moderate recoil, in light, fast handling rifles.

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