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Date Your Model 70 and 94

November 3rd, 2010 67

Winchester’s Model 70 bolt-action rifle is without a doubt, one of the darlings of the American rifle shooter. There are more than 2 million Model 70s out there, and it is often a standard by which other rifles are judged. Features such as controlled-round feeding and the three-position safety–not to mention classic good looks and a reputation for quality and accuracy–are just some of those measures.

In March 2006, U.S Repeating Arms Co. announced that its New haven, CT, plant was being shut down and that the Models 70 and 94 would no longer be made. Since then, a long-term license agreement has been struck with Browning to manufacture and distribute Winchester-brand rifles and shotguns. It should go without saying that one of the new guns is a Model 70. You can read an extensive shooting review of the new gun by picking up a copy of the May/June issue of RifleShooter magazine available on newsstands now.

The most collectable Model 70s and 94s are the “pre-64″ guns, manufactured before a significant production change in 1964. For those Model 70 and 94 owners interested in when their specific rifle was made, the tables below show serial number range by year made.

Winchester Model 70 Production Dates
1935 19
1936 2238
1937 11573
1938 17844
1939 23991
1940 31675
1941 41753
1942 49206
1943 49983
1944 49997
1945 50921
1946 58382
1947 75675
1948 101680
1949 131580
1950 173150
1951 206625
1952 238820
1953 282735
1954 323530
1955 361025
1956 393595
1957 425283
1958 440792
1959 465040
1960 504257
1961 545446
1962 565592
1963 581471
1964 740599

  • mike bergren

    i have a model 70 s/n 555737 dont see it on the list.i was wondering what its worth?

  • Joe

    It is a serial number range, your rifle was made in 1962

  • Joe

    I have a model 70 sn 765xxx and it is unfired in 100% condition with

    The original sales tag attached to the rifle and original manual and warranty card. Any ideas of value

  • Doug Van Der Pool


    I'm guessing my Model 70 must be post 64, but I would like your opinion. SN: G1550432

    • Jop1964

      Has to be under a million to pre 64.

  • garreth carter

    hi all, just got a model 70 myself, its a .270 win. I just cannot put it to a date. the serial number is g1118xxx, any ideas on year of manufacture? cheers for help

  • Scott

    hello fellow shooters, my name is scott and i have a model 70 .243 that was given to me by my father-in-law, the first three of the sn are 398 any idea of the year,the value isn't important as it was a gift,but any information will be greatly appreciated thanks for your help and happy shooting

  • Mike

    i have a winchester model 70 in .338 s/n G1282898 can anyone help me out?

    • Jop 1964

      Early 70"s

  • Stan Gouger

    I have a model 70 serial #441200 its been hunting whats the value of this gun, and is there any collectors looking for one like this 1958

  • andy

    i have a winchester bolt action rifle. supposed to be a model 70 but barrel is stamped with "winchester ranger" s/n is G 1661950…. what is it?

  • Ben Franklin

    I have a model 94 made in 1962 I bought from a fellow airman in 1970 while stationed at Eielson AFB in Alaska. He said it shot high and to the right. I could bench rest it on my motorcycle and hit a beer can at seventy yards with open sites. It is one of the sweetest rifles I have ever shot. I plan to leave it to one of my Grand Sons..

  • phil peavy

    have a winchester model 70 sa cal. 223 rem. can,t find anything on it.can u help?

  • Henry K. Woodbrey

    I have a model 70 .270 cal Winchester serial no. 5246 in good condition. Has peep sight. What's it value? No rust or pitting. Has original bluing with wear. Some bumps and nicks. Shoots beautifully.

  • Dale

    Do you know of a website that offers this same service for all WInchester Model 70's? Included Post '64's and Classic Models?

  • Bob K

    I own a Winchester, 30.06, Model 70 Super Grade, No. 238585. What year mfg. and approx. value?

  • Joe G

    My Grandfather left his Model 70 30'06 to me years ago. Serial number 37xxx which indicates a 1941 production. This rifle has been in my family for 71 years and I hope one of my children will care for it as I have and keep it in the family.

  • morrow

    #382xxx, which would suggest 1941…however, it's a featherweight which suggests it wasn't made before the 50's…what the..??

  • Bob

    I have a win. mod.70 220 swift ser #471101. what would it be worth ? It is in average condition.

  • ernie

    what was the first year for the win 264 mag?

  • Jdunaway

    Got a .264 win mag. Would love to know what year. Model 70 xtr sn. G1400xxx. Anyone help?

  • mike

    I've got a Winchester model 94 30-30 win. The serial number is 4015681. It was my Grandfathers'. The story goes that he bought it to go bear hunting with my Great Uncle just before he died. I was wondering if anyone could please help me to date this rifle. It would mean a great deal to me. Thanks.

  • Wayne

    i have a winchester model 70. ser number g2258955.
    Does anyone have any info on this gun
    Thanks for the help

  • Cindy

    We bought a Winchester model 70 with serial number G1741812. Would you please tell me when it was manufactured? It is hard to find info. Thank you in advance.

  • Aaron

    How do I tell if a Winchester model 94 is pre 64. The serial number is4232xxx thanks

  • Kurt

    Where can I find manufacture dates for Winchester Model 1894 rifles?

  • billtaylor3

    Please help me by dating my Model 70 (308) ser. # 35AMN08789

  • DanK

    I have a Winchester model 70, serial #907286. It is obviously post 1964 but would like to know what year it was manufactured. It was handed down to me after my uncle pasted away. Thanks in advance for any thoughts.

  • Jodie104

    I have a Winchester Ranger 30-06 SPRG
    serial number G1706xxx

    What does the "G" mean? Is this a model 70?
    Would like more history on this gun. Is there a place to check the serial number for history info?

  • FISH


    • Jop1964

      If condition is good, I would not take less than $1200.00 for it.

    • bchound

      I'm interested in it

    • Jsa

      A Super Grade is worth more then 1200.00
      It does depend on condition and caliber
      If you really want to sell it let me know and I can help you put a price to it
      If it is a rare caliber it could be worth a lot

  • Jim

    I have a winchester 1894 WCF.30 serial #864132 made in 1919 my Grandfather traded a horse for it in 1921, it has I believe a 15" barrel and never cut off. How can I find out more info on rifle, like specifications and assistance for legalizing. Some experts have said this gun was not made others say it was not cut off, all of them scrtach their heads, as they have never seen a rifle like this, and say they have never seen a sawed off gun that was done this well, it appears to be manafactured this way. It has been in family since at least 1921.

  • Earl

    I have a winchester model 70 serial # G930003, is this a 1968 gun? What serial # did the G series start?

    • mr70

      You have to many numbers for any model 70 is the 6 a G

  • bob

    how old is a model 94 ser# 3845973

  • mike Guzel

    My model 70 s/n G1101xxx a little help please.

    • jop1964

      early to mid 70's manufacture

  • Papa G

    I have a winchester Model 94 lever action manufactured in 1949 according to Gander Mountain serial # 1422838
    in excellent condition.

  • Ted

    My dad is looking at a winchester model 70 SN# 62415842 and asked me what he should pay. Can you help us?

  • tserious

    Please help me by dating my Model 94 (olin) n°6574799
    thank you very much
    best regards

  • christopher

    can u please tell me the year of my 30/30 win model 94?? 3923001

  • rledford

    I have just purchased a Model 70 but cannot locate a manufacture date for serial number G2,27x,xxx. All I can find is for dates up to 1981. Nothing beyond that date.

  • Jon

    I have a Winchester model 70 serial #9104…with a model 98 stamp also…What does that mean?

  • Roy Miller

    Could you help me date my model 94, serial no. 4189387?

  • smiley

    hay i got a 30-6 winchester mod.70pre 64 i dont know much about it…………..*****???wuts up with the sir#
    any help or

  • Robert Roza

    what year was my winchester model 70 with serial number 511704 made?

    • Mark reed


  • mike wright

    Mike my Winchester model 94 has a ser.# of 667544 I was wondering how old it is

  • Bob

    I have a win. mod. 70 220 swift serial number 471101. what kind of value would it have ?

  • M.Krampe

    Winchester model 70 270 sn#7269362 what’s it worth and to best of my knowledge it is from 64 but can you confirm that thanks

  • Matt Krampe

    Winchester model 70 270 sn#7269362 what’s it worth and to best of my knowledge it is from 64 but can you confirm that thanks

  • MyronJPoltroonian

    Well, according to this and the Winchester site:—-2012-Scanned-Documents.pdf, my Model 70 Super Grade in “.30GOVT’06” (serial No, 86xxx) was manufactured in 1948 – although I suspect the barrel, and/or the barrelled action was manufactured much earlier than that because by the end of WW II at the latest, the “.30 caliber Government” round of “1906” was commonly referred to as simply the “.30-06″. I wonder if, for a period of time, the Super Grade rifles were a Custom Shop speciality order item only; especially during and just after the Great Depression and, possibly, the end of the war while money was tight.

  • Tim Cooper

    Need help with the year on my model 70, # G2330732, thanks for your help.

  • Danny M

    I have a model 70 30-06 springfield #16676 in really great condition past down two generations. What would you estimate the value at?

  • David

    Wondering what model 70 I have.Standard, feathweight so on. The serial number is G1227486. It’s chambered in 243 and has a 22 inch barrel. It’s NIB never fired. Also curious of the value.

  • Jason Grates

    Hi I am trying to price my gun it is a win model 70 featherweight 308 serial number is 290984 can you help

  • Rob

    I have a Model 70 with the serial # G1911532. What year is it and what are the specs on it? Thanks

  • edd

    hello all greetings from Africa wanted to find out if any one could help me with aging and possible valuation of my 458 model 70 serial number G1972584

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Winchester Model 94 Production Dates
1894 14579
1895 44359
1896 76464
1897 111453
1898 147684
1899 183371
1900 204427
1901 233975
1902 273854
1903 294506
1904 311363
1905 337557
1906 378878
1907 430985
1908 474241
1909 505831
1910 553062
1911 599263
1912 646114
1913 703701
1914 756066
1915 784052
1916 807741
1917 821972
1918 838175
1919 870762
1920 880627
1921 908318
1922 919583
1923 938539
1924 953198
1925 978523
1926 997603
1927 1027571
1928 1054465
1929 1077097
1930 1081755
1931 1084156
1932 1087836
1933 1089270
1934 1091190
1935 1099605
1936 1100065
1937 1100679
1938 1100915
1939 1101051
1940 1142423
1941 1191307
1942 1221289
1943 to 47 No records
1948 1500000
1949 1626100
1950 1727295
1951 1819800
1952 1910000
1953 2000000
1954 2071100
1955 2145296
1956 2225000
1957 2290296
1958 2365887
1959 2410555
1960 2469821
1961 2500000
1962 2551921
1963 2586000
1964 2797428