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Mosin Nagant Reader Project

by J. Scott Rupp   |  August 9th, 2011 4

RifleShooter readers will recall our May/June issue, which featured an article by Reid Coffield that covered his renovation of a Mosin-Nagant rifle. Turns out he’s not the only one. Shappley Harris and Mark Herschlip were kind enough to share photos of Mosin-Nagants they built, inspired by Reid’s article. Mr. Harris’ photos have been updated in this new gallery. Enjoy!

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Herschlip Mosin-Nagant receiver

Mark Herschlip is an amateur gunsmith who says he does gun work mainly to support his competitive benchrest habit.

  • Capt Pete

    So, do you have any before and after conversion accuracy data?

  • Ryan

    Know the mr herschlip, I believe he could shoot factory steel cased 202 gr silver bears at 1.25 MOA

  • John

    I saw this article and others on Scout rifles.I have a good quality Russiam M-44 Carbine. I ordered a 1in pad extension to the butt plate different sling and forward looking 2X7 40 Scope. I shoot 3 groups of using Russian, American and Sellior/Belliot ammo from Europe. The russian posted 2-3 inch groups at 100 yards and 3 at 2-300 yards. The american ammo posted 1-2 inch groups and 1 inch at 2-300 yards. The eroupe ammo posted 1-2 inches at 100 yards and same at 300 yards. I tried the extreme on all tree at 400 yards because of the scope. I got 3 inches at 400 yards for the russian not bad. 1-2 for american ammo at 400 yards and same for european ammo. The inch added to the stock and scope made a big difference. The bore of the rifle was chrome lined which does affect accuracy. But I was amazed at what the M-44 could do with a shorten battel compared to regular M-30 longer barrel length.

  • Rob Osborn

    Mr Shappley fubared a laminate stock……1 out of 10 are laminates. ATI would have been a more appropriate choice.

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