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Stag Arms Model 9 Review

by Patrick Sweeney 0

One of the last daring designs to come out of Colt turned the gas-operated .223 Stoner carbine, what we call… more »


Springfield Armory M1A Loaded Review

by David Fortier 0

I bought my first Springfield Armory M1A when I was 15. At the time I had a job working after school… more »


The Best .17-Caliber Rifles Available Today

by Joseph von Benedikt 6

Seventeen-caliber rifles are just a little bit magic. They shoot whisper-tiny projectiles the same diameter as the BBs we all… more »


Pedal to the Metal: NEMO Omen Review

by David Fortier 2

It doesn’t seem like it was that long ago that just mentioning the concept of a self-loading precision rifle would set… more »


Kel-Tec Sub-2000 Review

by David Fortier 15

There are times it pays to be discreet, and it’s usually more often than some may realize. This is especially… more »


Best Hunting Rifles for this Season

by J. Scott Rupp 2

New model pickings are relatively slim this year as manufacturers battle to keep up with the demand they already have…. more »


Bully Bullpup: IWI Tavor Review

by David Fortier 1

Have you ever longed for a short-barrel rifle (SBR)? Ever wished for something super compact with a stubby barrel? While… more »


Buyer’s Guide: How to Choose an M1 Garand

by Rick Hacker 9

Nostalgia, desirability and collectability are closely linked, and such is the case with what has arguably become one of America’s… more »


Rifle Roundup: Comparing Pistol-Caliber Carbines

by James Tarr 6

Pistol caliber AR-15-style rifles have been around for decades, and there are now a number of different offerings. Not only… more »


Stag Arms 2012 Executive Survivors Kit Review

by James Tarr 2

I’m a firm believer of the “just in case” philosophy of life. It’s why I carry a gun even though… more »

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