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The New Hornady .17 Hornet

by J. Scott Rupp   |  November 9th, 2011 136
Hornady .17 Hornet

The new .17 Hornet is the classic .22 Hornet necked down to .17. Muzzle velocity is over 3,600 fps with a 20-grain bullet.

If there ever was a cult classic varmint cartridge it’s the .22 Hornet, a cartridge that can trace its factory roots back to the 1930s. Now Hornady has decided to neck down the case to .17 caliber, creating the .17 Hornet.

Loaded with Superformance powder, the new round promises 3,650 fps at the muzzle with a 20-grain V-Max bullet, and its trajectory is comparable to a 55-grain .223—but, the company says, with the recoil of a .22 WMR. Hornady also says the .17 Hornet will produce less fouling, barrel wear powder and pressure compared to the .17 Rem. and will have lower cost when compared to shooting the .17 Fireball and .223 Rem.

chart showing .17 Hornet trajectory

Chart comparing the .17 Hornet with the .22 Hornet, .17 HMR and .223 Rem. shows the new cartridge shoots as fast and flat as the .223 Rem. but without as much recoil.

The .17 Hornet will have the same OAL as the .22 Hornet so actions that take the original Hornet will work for the .17 version. Hornady has found a partner in Savage for this new introduction, and my buddy at Savage tells me they will be chambering the Model 25 (Light Varminter) in .17 Hornet. The rifle is available in both synthetic and laminate stock versions.

I’m not blowing smoke when I say that Hornady has become the innovative cartridge developer of our time. Witness the .17 HMR, 6.5 Creedmoor, .375 and .416 Ruger, the Marlin Expresses and more. And I’ll be the first to admit I was totally wrong when the company brought out the .17 HMR. I never thought it would become such a huge commercial success.

But what about this new Hornet? Will current Hornet shooters flock to the smaller caliber? Will non-Hornet devotees jump on the new cartridge? Come on you varminters out there—what do you think about the .17 Hornet? Are you going to get one?

Savage Model 25 Lightweight Varminter

The new .17 Hornet will be chambered in both the synthetic and laminate versions of Savage's Model 25 Lightweight Varminter.

  • Jeff Love

    From what I have read about the 17 Hornet I am really looking forward to getting my hands on one and seeing how it shoots. I would really like to try one out on Coyote and other varmints.

  • Dennis

    Yeah, i love the idea . it can be reloaded and the cost will be reduced as well as the muzzle jump compared to my 22-250 but close to the same fps! I want one, yote's look out ,you'll never hear it comin'

  • Philby56

    Love one in a Ruger single shot with a 3.5 x 10 scope for the pussy cats around here.

  • M.W.

    The 5.7 would be a better choice ImO. Hornady should be working on that and getting costs down rather than flooding the market with another bullet. Savage would do better producing 5.7 bolt action. Maybe give the .17 hornet a try It's pretty cool overall despite my opinions.

    • Concerned Citizen

      Savage is chambering the 5.7×28 in their Mod 25 Light Varminter Thumbhole (Model 25 LV-T). That answers that question.

      Do we need a .17 Hornet? Likely not. That has not stopped Hornady before, and who know it might be just the thing. I shoot .22 Hornet in my Drilling einstecklauf, and it works fine and is just the thing for fox.

      • p-dogger

        I have a 17 Ackley hornet and it does not have the blast as some of the other 17/22 rifles and works well on prairie dogs. I find that the 17-hornet doesn't scare the P-dogs as much plus it is a kicj to shoot

    • E.C. Bartlett

      The 5.7 is doomed from the get-go. It is not commercially viable. Hornady only pursues projects that they deem profitable.

    • James

      Yes but the savage did not agree with fn and they can't make one in a 5.7

      • Kip

        Savage released that they could not get acceptable accuracy with the 5.7 with the current ammo offerings so the project was dropped.

  • Eddie Fields

    I have always shot savage rifles I will purchase this one for sure going to be a great round

  • ALL17FAN

    CAN'T WAIT !!

  • Mungus Fractal

    It looks like this one is going on the wish list, the .17 HMR is a great little round but the .17 Hornet?? If accuracy holds up? Faster is better.

  • Cliff Russe

    Is this the same as the .17 Ackley Hornet wildcat?

    • Doug Phillips

      Nope, got that from Hornady direct

    • UnlicenseDremel

      Well, yes and no. Of course it's not *exactly* the same – they changed it just a smidge so that they can claim proprietary with all that that entails (marketing opportunity). But yes, it's in essence the same thing.

  • MikeHill

    Just trying to recall – didn't the Remington M-700 .17cal. have a muzzle velocity of 4000 + fps ?

    • Cliff Russe

      IIRC, both did. The 17 Remington (w/ a 25-grain bullet), and the 17 Remington Fireball (w/ a 20-grain bullet).

      • Jeff Smith

        Both of which have reputations as barrel burners. The somewhat sedate MV should result in much better barrel life and still be effective on varmints.

        • Ted

          Theirreputation as barrel burners is unfounded. Mine had more than 3000 rounds down the tube and would still group well under an inch with Hornady .172s.

    • UnlicenseDremel

      Well the .17 REM yes, is up over 4000, even over 4100 fps at max loads (really even up to 4200). But the .17 rem FIREBALL is several hundred fps slower, about in line with this new one – except that it uses better/more durable brass.

  • Carl W. Clausen

    I have shot a .22 Hornet for years and currently own two, both Ruger's I have a #3 and a 7722H which is a great hunting rifle, I wouldn't be able to count the number of prairie dogs that have fallen to this gun. I have taken several wild turkeys a coyote and untold numbres of Jack Rabbits, this is my favorite light varminter. Considering the 6 shot Ruger magazine, do you think this rifle could be rebarreled top the 17 Hornet?

    • Doug Phillips

      There is a firm already that rebarrels 7722H to the 17 Ackley Hornet, so I imagine they will get reamers for the 17 Hornady Hornet ASAP

    • Dave I

      @ Carl W. Carl. I also own that 7722H And love mine as well. I have a nice Nikon scope on mine, and that thing will shoot! Only problem is ammo is so expensive I can't afford to shoot it as much as I would like!

  • mike

    The Popular Ruger 77/22 Hornet can be easily converted to shoot either the 22 K-Hornet, or the 17 Ackley Hornet.

    • Cliff Russe

      It can, but, based on that link provided by mike, the magazines would have to modified as well; otherwise, they would only be able to hold three rounds (K-Hornet; don't know about 17 Ackley Hornet or the new cartridge).

      Currently have a 77/22 Hornet as well. My father has one as well, and for months he debated whether or not to convert it to K-Hornet. Cutting the magazine capacity in half was one of the factors that led to his decision to keep the 77/22 Hornet "as is." (Actually, the biggest factor was when he finally got his hands on some Lil' Gun powder.)

      • @4DReamerRentals

        4D Reamer Rentals have ordered in the reamer, say they will have it as soon as Hornady releases the specs to the reamer makers. Probably after SHOT Show.

      • AzMtnMan

        Can't understand why it would cut the magazine capacity. It the case head that determines how many rounds fit in the magazine. I have a K Hornet on the Ruger 77-22 Hornet and can load as many K's as I can plain Hornets????????

  • JRLutz

    I have a 7.62 x 39 mm , Mini 30 Ranch and I have bought and used sabot Ammo 37 grain bullets, that shoot over 4000 FPS with over 1400 FT.lbs, I also have 80 and 112 grain bullets. I can guarantee you this my Sabot Round w/ my sharp shooters scope at 1,000 yds. or less its mine, flat and straight. This round and gun so many varations…….17 , 220 swift, 22-250. My Sabot rounds puts me in the same place as a 300 wsm or a 223 wsm. the beauty is that my all weather mini 30 will receive a 20 RD. Clip. Own one gun but have Ammo that replaces alot of other guns…That's my Motto. RBCD Performance Plus, Inc. Ammo. 1-877-688-5985. I hope this helps some of you who are the 99 % er's.

    • Lt. T. Siewert USMC

      I think if I were planning on a 1000 yd. shot, I would be throwing something bigger than 37 grains. No man on the planet could judge that wind drift.

    • bryceban

      Your 1/2 full of shit & 1/2 retarded

    • 6PPC shooter

      Shooting 1000 yards with saboted Mini 30? With your "sharp shooters" scope? Ummm, ok. I'd love to see you back up that wild claim. Have you ever even shot 1000 yards?

  • Norman Fraser

    I reckon the hornet is a great little cartridge, altho ugly it does its job, It is way more efficent when rechambered and blown out to K-Hornet, and thats what I did to my Australian Sportco rifle, I think the 224 is more efficent than the 17.

    • Nantan2

      Norman: I disagree about the 17 Hornet being "ugly". I think it's one of the cutest rounds to come down the pike. I presently shoot a .17 Remington, but I have an Encore barrel ordered in .17 hornet. Can't wait for it to arrive! 3650 FPS…perfect for Prairie dogs and squirrels, with the recoil of a 22 Mag. Less barrel heat up, and throat erosion. Sounds like the perfect varmint round…out to about 300 yards.

  • Jim

    Build a better mouse trap and people will beat a path to your door! And to do it on the cheap! This new kid in the game will be giving grief to the 22 Hornet just like the 17HMR did to the 22WMR. Whats not to like? Its got a great platform in the Model 25 and with a 17 B/T @ 3600 fps this will make for explosive terminal ballistics down range. Haven't heard anything official on its trajectory curve yet so allow me to say with it sighted in @ 2 inches high @ 100yds you'd be 7/8 inches low @ 300yd or less. The Model 25 in 17 Hornet and with a quality scope will make for bad times on thin skinned, light boned small game. Coyote's this means you! I'm getting one!

  • larry

    Shot hornets since the 60 s this sounds like a .17 calhoon same ballistics. Shot one don't own one. Was ready to have one built on ruger #3,going too wait now. Have several hornets newest 25 lvt had it made to a K. Looks like that #3 will be a .19-223 now. Hornady, .17 Hornet Savage awsome combo. Told my wife I wanted one she said, what are you still doing here is't black friday weekend stores are open. Closest gun store is 140 miles. Hornady, .17 Hornet, 20 grain bullet, 3600 fps Nikon 6+18 fine cross hairs 14 min. dot WOW Reno here I come

  • Lt. T. Siewert USMC

    I just wrote a comment about what I would like to own. The only cartridge I would like is the .22 Hornet. This is yet another example of an excuse to buy another gun. Nothing wrong with that, but it reminds of the debate a few years ago about the .17 HMR vs. .22 WMR. There is no magic bullet/cartridge. Bullet placement is far more important. I have dropped many a squirrel and rabbit with a .177 air rifle.

  • Steve D.

    I've been shooting the .22 Hornet and K-Hornet since the late 1940s. LilGun powder has eliminated the need to rechamber to the improved K-Hornet. However, to get 13 grains of LilGun in a Hornet case without major compressing you really need Remington brass. The powder charge comes to the top of the neck in Winchester cases.

    The velocity in my short barrel, Full stock CZ Hornet with 13 grains LilGun and the 40 grain V-Max bullet chronographs 2,912fps. The same load in my 26 inch barrel Ruger No.1-B chronographs 3,089

    I thought that I was through with purchasing new varmint rifles, but the 17 Hornady Hornet excites me. My only dilemma is do I purchase a new rifle or do I rebarrel one of the several that I already own.

    • nantan

      ….or you could do like I did and purchase a Bullberry custom barrel for either the Encore or Contender. I just can't hold my nose and purchase a Savage. Can't wait for Ruger and CZ to get their act together (they are really missing the boat on this one!

    • Monte Fleenor

      Use a long drop tube. You can get 13+ grains in WW cases, no worries about excessive pressures in my No. 1 Rugers. Velocity from the 22" barrel of my 1A .22 Hornet is 2829 for 5 shots with 45 grain Hornady hornet bullets. I have not checked th 26" barrel for velocity.
      Like you, I have got to have one of the .17 Hornadys. I would like to know if it is the same as the .17 Ackley Imp. I suspect it is, even though I have heard other wise. I also heard that Remingtons .17 Fireball was different than the .17 Mach IV, not so, They work perfectly in my Sako chambered for the Mach IV that I have had for years.
      I will have either a No. 1 or No. 3 Ruger chambered for the .17 Hornady as I have no use for rimfire action with their rear locking lugs.

  • Mack Missiletoe

    I admire the classic .22 Hornet though I have yet to shoot it. I find this .17 Hornet a curious cartridge. Will the 20 grain bullet at 3650 fps be recommended professionally for coyote control? By the way that Savage pictured above looks mighty fine in the laminate stock & blued barrel configuration.

    I just feel that a 40 gr + bullet is more practical on Coyotes, but this is my opinion based on internet research not personal field results. I am sure many a rabbit, bird, and squirrel will be blown to bits with a new .17 this year :)

    • andrew

      I have used a.17 HMR to hunt coyotes and it does the job fine in my experience, I think that the hornet might be overkill on some small game like squirrel.

      • Mack Missiletoe

        Gee, thanks for the comment. The more I get into guns the more guns I want. I would not mind having a .17 Hornet Savage like the rifle pictured above–as long as the ammo becomes fairly easy to find and affordable.

        No reason a .17 Hornet should cost much more than .223 of the same precision design. There is not much lead or powder there so the cost would be more of how much attention is given to perfecting each lot. I bet by design this will be a real accurate cartridge to a certain yardage. I am eager to see how it do, I like rifle cartridges of 2700 fps to 3000 fps. This would be a 'barn burner'

  • Dave

    Can't wait for it to land in the UK. My first centrefire rifle was going to be 22 hornet or 223.
    Now its a 17 hornet for sure!

  • NH Flymaster

    It will no doubt be a long wait. Savage still has no known inventory. Or info on there site. Ammo before gun?

    • guest

      plenty of 22 hornet actions out there that can be easily rebarrelled to the new caliber even if savage builds one or not

    • nantan

      I've got .17 hornet dies ordered from Midway USA (Hornady New Dimension), and two boxes of factory rounds. They are back ordered until March 9th. hey, it's only a week away. Can't wait to get them. The sad part is that I've got to wait until May for my Encore barrel to get finished.

  • george garner

    I am caliber bit when it comes to varmint cartridges. I will have one.

  • AzMtnMan

    I have a new barrel on the way for two guns. One a Ruger No. 3 the other is a Ruger 77-22 Hornet. They will both be done by the end of Jan. Can't wait. Glad I hadn't jumped the gun on the Ruger No. 3 or it would be somthing diferent already. Been wanting a .17 K hornet for quite some time.

  • Russ Dobbs

    As my part of the world gets more and more crowded, this round and the 22 Hornet are looking more and more practical. The places I can safety take a 300 yard + shot are rapidly being subdivided into ranchettes. This cuts down on the size of the dog towns as well as the safety area down range. A round that will be effective beyond the reasonable range of the rimfires and work well at 150-175 yards, and everything else the "Hornet" is good at will be a welcome addition to the arsenal.
    Looking forward to this cartridge.

  • Kevin

    Ive killed countless animals up to coyote size with my HMR. This round sounds even better….can't wait to check one out.

  • Yves Leduc

    I'm not a Savage 25 Fan at all, but this caliber caught my attention for sure: Go !!!

    • terry

      Me either. I will wait until either remington or ruger bring one out. Having said that i have a friend that seems to have that magic with savage rifles. I just shot one of his in .17 calibre (.22lr necked down to .17) not the HMR and this gun was shooting under 1/2" at 75 yards in no wind. He is a pro shooter (benchrest). I was still able to shoot less than 3/4" groups with this almost street stock rifle. With a 2 oz. trigger its a winner…

      • Eraticator50

        I'll wager that was a Savage MKII in 17 Mach 2 you were shooting. Fix the trigger (like he did, even the accu-triigger can be improved) and those groups are the norm for this great little varmint round. Inherently accuracte is the term people throw about for this cartridge and the Savage rifles make it happen. Actually 3/4" groups @ 100 yds is no big deal for this round/rifle. Ya, I shoot one and the Sage rats hate it!

  • Bono

    I have been shooting 22hornet for five years now on a regular basis. 40 gr. Sierra hornet bullets r great. Gun is a model 43 Winchester. As long as my shots are 200 or less it is my go to gun. Anything over that it 223. In a savage 10 fp. With 68 gr. Hornady bthp. Pushed by varget. But my favorite is by far the hornet. I just might have to buy another. The 17 hornet looks pretty good to me !

  • Tim Price

    I was actually planning on getting a custom rifle chambered for this round in the near future. I was looking back at the original version of it though. I'm just wondering if its spec'd as the same as the original wildcat or if Hornady has created their own version of it all together? Anyone know? If I can get a left hand rifle chambered for it I'm in.

    • Gordon

      Ah ha . . . see my previous message I might have the answer to your search . . . call me !

  • Jason

    I shoot a 17 HMR, 17 fireball and 17 Rem. used for rodent control in our nut orchards. 17 HMR is a little lite at times for longer distances. The fireball fits the bill better but a louder report is a minus also. This 17 hornet will fit the bill perfectly !!

  • CaptainT

    Looking forward to getting a rifle in this caliber,however will the same powder that produces the high velocity in factory loads be available to handloaders?

    • Botchy

      Botchy: Very good question. I hope so.

  • Alan

    When Can I get one?

  • Mack M

    I LOVE the way it looks. It has a sort of rimfire look to it. It's got a medium barrel but is not to heavy to take Coyote shooting.

    The step-up from barrel to receiver, the cylindrical action, and the way the safety is set up–it reminds me of my Marlin .22WMR. The look reminds me of a rifle I'd have grown up shooting as a kid. Something like .22WMR or .223 that would not kick too much and be great for slaying squirrels or Prairie Dogs. .17 and .22 caliber rifles, whether rimfire or centerfire, should not look so beefy as say a .308. The cartridge is small.

    It's not a light rifle compared to a Sporter, but it's a practical Varmint rifle one could walk with. With that Barrel and being a Savage, it should be ridiculously accurate.

  • travis

    I have a twist. The 20gr XTP from the 17HMR really makes this little gun work. I have full passthru shots on coyotes at 200 yards. 1/2inch groups at 100 from my CZ 452. Also this bullet is a great choich for edible critters as it does not blow up. Now they are gonna take my favorite little round and extend the range and make it reloadable!!!!!! Hot Damn! The bad news the XTP is not available for reloading. I am already shopping for the donor gun to rebarrel.

    • UnlicenseDremel

      If you're saving the fur (and really, even if you're not), you don't really WANT pass through shots on yotes – you want jello internals and no exit hole, and DRT. But, this round will actually help with that issue, with the higher vel, so you're right….that would be a good choice for yoting if you could get them. In any event, I'll be sticking to my one and only sub-.223 rem centerfire chambering that I mess with at all, and that is a T/C Contender 10" pistol in .218 Bee. THAT's a good yote / feral dog round, that is ALSO pig enough to pop a feral pig behind the ear, up to around 150 lbs, ethically. And the Bee case is much better than the hornet case, not only because it's got a smidge more volume but because you can reload it more times.

    • Chris Hutchins

      You need to get on to find a guy under the user name heckupdpc he has those in quantities of thousands, or at lest he did for me. I have a few thousand of them, I remember the price was something like $175 delivered. And yes those 20gr XTP are awesome, i shoot them all the time in a 17 fireball and a M4 at everywhere from 1500 to 4000+fps.

  • matt

    Build it and they will come. Just bought new savage 93R17btvs but id surely buy
    a bigger brother to it. Specially for the right price.

  • Tom

    About 5 years ago I exchanged quite a few emails with the (then) VP of Marketing at Savage. The subject discussed was the potential market for the Model 40 in a 17 Ackley Hornet chambering. While he did express enough interest to actually obtain some loaded rounds for examination, he ultimately passed on the concept due to no factory loads. I suggested he contact Hornady, but eventually he interest. Seems times have changed. While this new round isn't exactly the same as the Ackley version, it's close enough. I'm excited. Oh, and to Savage: I told ya so!

  • UnlicenseDremel

    Yes!!! The .17 Ruger Hornet…. Because the .17 Rem Fireball caught on so well in the 2000s, just like the original .17 Ackley Hornet and .17 Ackley Bee did in the mid-1940s. Oh wait, no they didn't.

  • UnlicenseDremel

    This will suffer from the same fouling/hard to clean maladies as they and the .17 Rem did and does – there's good REASON why the .20 caught on (.204 ruger, .20 tactical, etc.) – it's the smallest you can do without undue fouling/cleaning issues with very high-vel rounds.

    • Martin

      You are right, the bigger 17's do foul. I have put 370 rounds through my Cooper in 17 Ackley Hornet. The accuracy did not degrade (still hovered around .300"), and it was easy to clean up. I am only burning 11.8gr of VVN120 and getting 3670fps. This is a very efficent cartridge, with very low barrel heating.

  • UnlicenseDremel

    And yeah, not to mention additional throat erosion / barrel life issues – .20 is the "sweet spot" for super–high vel rounds, really, seems to me. Or actually the .22 itself is arguably, because you can push them that fast with a lot more bullet choices, meaning better BCs and better performances. But really .20 is, if you must have one where the minimal recoil allows you to see the bullet hit before the sight pic is messed up. If I'm going down to .17, it will be (and IS) with the .17 Hummer only – low enough vels keep fouling much less.

    • pdogger

      hasn't even hit the open market yet and is fouling barells and burning throats

  • Gordon

    I have a lovely little left hand Anschutz 1700 in .22 hornet which I ruined by shortening the barrel to accommodate a moderator – big mistake ! . . .Can't wait to rebarrel into 17 Hornet Hornet – faster is flatter and with the Anschutz super match trigger this should be a tack-driver ! Gordon Scotland +44 7773 013330

    • Gordon

      Oooops ! . . that should have said 17 Hornady Hornet . . . see too excited already !

  • vex520ak

    Sweet! Finally something with more range than my HMR (which I love) but which will not also blow a fox clear in half. Pelt damage issues have kept me from buying a fireball. This thing looks like just what I've been waiting for. Reloadable too! Hot damn!

  • Martin

    I have a 17 Ackley Hornet in a Cooper Rifle that I have shot for 12 years. I have 5 other varmint rifles, and this one gets by far the most use for high volume ground squirrel shooting. Advantages: low muzzle blast, very low recoil, does not richochet, does not heat barrel, shoots as flat as a .223 out to 300 yards, absolutely levitates squirrels, cheaper to shoot than other centerfires. This is an inherently accurate cartridge. My Cooper has shot numerous 1/4" 100 yard 5 shot groups from the bench. This is absolutely the best ground squirrel cartridge bar none. I would highly recommend Hornady's new 17 hornet. Have fun!!

  • hunter5111

    Own a 22 HORNET and love it. Can't wait to get the 17 HORNET

  • Nantan

    Come on gun manufacturers! Why is Savage the only one chambering this new .17 Hornet? I emailed Ruger about this, they told me they have no plans to chamber this round in their rifles. But they did say they would forward my request along to Customer Service. What??!! I'm holding out for a Ruger or a CZ in this caliber. But I'm getting close to ordering a custom barrel from Bullberry to throw on my Encore. 3600 FPS…killer on P-Dogs, with little to no barrel erosion. What's not to like?

    • Oldman570

      I also called Ruger on this round and got the same responce. Guess all we can do is get a donor gun and have a barrel made for the new kid on the block. Just have to make a few more calls and see what happends. Could get interesting.

    • vex520ak

      …you contacted Ruger? Shooting is fun and all but actually hitting things makes it even better. Just kidding – just kidding; I know rugers aren't that bad and hey, a three inch pattern is plenty accurate for people who don't care.
      Smart arse remarks aside I'd like to see CZ make a run at this. Aside from them and Ruger I don't think anyone else but Savage produces an action sized for this case. C.O.L. is too much for 22 mag actions and a 223 action would be large. Factories wont retooling for a whole new production on a maybe so that leaves us with existing hornet actions. The Savage 25 is kind of junkie but the bullets come out pretty straight if it works. Rugers always go bang when you yank the drawbridge control lever but the accuracy is ho-humm. CZ does pretty good in general these days.

  • tuck2

    Per the data Hornady sent me a MAX load of 10.1 Gr of Lil Gun powder behind the hornady 20 Gr V-Max bullet will have a MV of 3750 ft/sec from a 24 inch barrel. I have shot a bunch of prairie dogs with the 17 HM2 and 17 HMR. –Per ballistics program I have :The 20 Gr bullet with the 17 Hornet rifle sited in at185 yards would be about 7/10th of a inches high at 100 Yds ,about 6/10 In high at 150 Yds, about 5/10 In low 200 Yds, 2 and 6/10 In low at 250 Yds, and about 6 inches low at 300 yards. A accurate rifle that would do 1/2 inch 100 yard groups would be a fine prairie dog shooter.

  • aaronraad

    I bought a little 17 Ackley Hornet about 5+ year ago as cheaper reloading alternative to shooting a 22 Magnum. Luck to get a Brno Fox re-barrelled from 22 Hornet. I took the 24" heavy stainless barrel back to 20" put a 6-24x40mm Tasco IV Mag scope and fireformed 200 winchester cases. The fireformed cases shot just as well as the handloads using Hornady 20gn V-Max's and ADI-2205 powder with Federal GM small rifle primers. Shoots 5 shots under 1/2 MOA all day at 100 yards…something only a few 22 Mags are able to match. Report is not much louder than a 22 Mag. The 20" barrel is meant to be optimum length given the small diameter starts fighting friction much past 20", or so I've read. Will have to put it over the chrograph one day. Can't imagine ever parting with it!

  • ace

    does the 17 hornet work on a 17hmr rifle?

    • Doc RD

      HMR (R=rimfire), .17 Hornet(Ackley/Hornady) are small rifle center fire, so nope, they won't work.

  • sako75 hunter

    Hey lads, writing from ireland. Just wondering when will the .17 hornet be on the market in the states? Looks like a great roud for rabbit, foxes, hooded crows and magpies!!! Usually when a new calibre comes on to the market in the states its nearly always at least a year before we get to see it hear, either way im saving for one already! :)

  • No Name

    At $700 bucks??? I can buy 2 T/C barrels & dies, 2 boxes ammo.

    • No Name

      My name is not Anonymous! No Name is my Cowboy Action name

  • No Name

    Guess my freedom of speach rights are violated again!!!! $700 bucks???? I'll buy a T/C barrel & dies & ammo & start reloading. Signed my Cowboy Action name No Name!!!!! Guess they thought it was a joke!!!!!! & called me MR. Anonomus!!!!!

  • Mikeyboy 65

    Hi everyone I too would love to trade in my .223 rifle for the .17 hornet here in Ireland I wonder when will they be avaible here or in UK , ????????????

  • Bill

    Bring it on!!!!!
    Have a K-hornet and can not wait it's skinny mate.

  • desert shellback

    Just a diff in shoulder angle…..many have played with the degree break.

    My ques is…..
    Who is producing the brass? The quality of the brass and its capacity will be a concern to handloaders.

    If Calhoun can achieve 3650 fps with a 19 cal bullet and Hornady is advertising 3650 fps with a 17 cal bullet,with all the wonderful new powders we have now, can velocity be safely upped with the smaller bullet diameter?
    The quality of the brass and action design come into play.

    Fun times for all!

  • Paul

    Can't wait, I live in a semi populated area where I think that is would find a spot in my collection! Keep up the good work hornady!! It looks like another winner.

  • Moigy

    From what I understand, the .17 Hornet will cost about $1.00 per round. In bulk, the .17 HMR cost anywhere from 17 to 20 cents per round. At a 5 to 1 cost ratio, .17 HMR wins.

    • Dean

      You can't compare the 17HMR and the 17 Hornet. Two very different rounds. The HMR is a rim fire that cannot be reloaded while the hornet can. With the 17Rem and 17FB are awesome rounds they are both getting hard to find and factory ammo is very expensive. The Hornet sounds like it is going to be a great round for everything from foxes to yotes. Fur friendly too with Berger match bullets!

  • Hank12

    I built a .17 AH about 35 yrs. ago, had some RCBS dies made from my fired cases and I've shot it all those yrs. mostly with Hornady 25 gr. hp. It's been and still is very accurate. I've been shooting it about 3200, never had much more trouble with fouling than with .223s, 22/250s, or swifts. I've mostly shot chucks, rabbits, ground squirrels,and an occasional cayote or fox What I'm wondering is, will the new Hornady ammo chamber in my AH chamber, anyone know yet?

  • Eraticator50

    Just purchased 17 Hornets for $16.29/25 ($0.65ea).With a 5x reload factor (neck sizing only, maybe more, maybe less, won't know till we get there), primers (BR4/7.5), Lil Gun powder and 20gr. Nightmare bullets all at MidSouthShooters prices I'm figuring about $0.24/rd or $12.00/50. The street price for the 17 Hummer rounds is all of that. Bullets 3 grains heavier, velocity 1100 fps faster, components able to be tailored to a particular gun, as much as I love the 17 HMR (and we use them by the case on Sage Rats) I have to believe this will be a winner with varminters especially dog and rat hunters that shoot A LOT! If those Savage 25's will shoot, this ought to add some serious yardage over the 17 HMR with not much more recoil (gotta see those hits) or report. Now, if I could just buy a gun! :-)

  • Che

    I like my HMR for shooting rabbits. But can rarely use it due to the wind here in the UK, it really moves the tiny bullets. One of the main advantages of the HMR is that its quiet and has no recoild. I am hoping that the 17 Hornet will cheat the wind better and still remain quiet. If so bye bye HMR welcome Hornet. Should be better on Fox as well?

  • Che

    When is the launch?????? I have tried to email Savage Arms to ask, but they don't allow emails. That will be a good company to deal with in the future?

  • Mike Le Pore

    Savage tell me they will start shipping to dealers in April 2012

  • Martin Stratman

    Hey guys, I just got a box of the Hornady 17 hornet brass. It is very different than the Ackley Hornet version (30 degree shoulder). The shoulder is 25 degrees and is pushed back more than .050" behind where the Ackley Hornet shoulder would be. The OAL of the case is just a little over 1.340" vs the 1.400 of the ackley version. This cartridge will require its own reamer design, and the Hornady cases will not really be usable to create the ackley version.

  • Art Woosley

    Gee, yet another .17. This is another answer to a question that no one asked.

    The .17 uses as much powder as a .222 but is far more susceptible to cross winds. The .17 report is just as loud. One loses the foot pounds of impact with the dainty little .17

    Just another move by the gun industry to create a need to buy a new rifle and associated gear. Step up, suckers!

    • tuck 2

      Art W : The 10.1 Gr of LilGun powder was the Max powder load used with the 20 Gr V-Max bullet per the reloading data sent to me by Hornady. Check a reloading book , the Max powder load for the 222 Rem is more. I live in prairie dog country and have used the 17 HM2, 17 HMR, 17 Fireball, and 17 Rem rifles to shoot them. Prairie dogs get muzzle blast smart so the little 17 Hornet will be added to my 17 caliber rifles when I find one I like. I got my 222 Rem Sako rifle in 1956 for shooting p dogs so I know about wind drift of the 50 Gr bullet out of a 22 Rem rifle.

  • darton

    Is the savage 25 17 hornet available to public yet everyplace I looked didn,t have them in stock or showed no listing for that rifle?

  • Jesse

    Interesting, since I have been shooting the .17 Fireball loaded by Remington, I can't imagine the .17 Hornet would surpass it's 4200 fps velocity. Where has Savage been that it has not chambered this round in their 25? I reload the Fireball, too. The shoulder angle and case taper make easier to reload than a Hornet case. I can't see the advantage. Oh, well, the power of the press and the ignorance of the people will surely make it successful. I own .22 Hornets and they are fun shooters, but the Fireball is a great little .17

    • dan

      The savage 17 H uses half the powder of the remmy 17fb. It has the recoil of a 22 wrm. 3650 fps from factory ammo is pretty good. Ballistics of a 223. Cheaper ammo than the FB. 460$ for the synthetic stock model upt to 575$ for the wood. I think more people will own the savage 17 hormet just because of the reasons I mentioned. Price especially.

  • Dave

    I get my 17 hornet in July…..yes thats when we get them in the UK…….counting the days man, counting the days!!!!

    • mick

      hi dave iv got one on order and thay told me it might be end of august

  • Hank

    It's got me interested ,again, in my .17 Ackley Hornet. Last time I loaded ammo for it was 37 yrs. ago, 1975. Got some new .17 Hornet cases blew them out to Ackley style (stronger case than the old .22 Hornet case) I'm getting 3500 with the 25 Hornady HP and 3750 with the 20 gr. vmax but in my rifle the 25 gr, is more accurate. 300 yds. with a cross wind didn't seem to bother it much.This in a small Martini action.

  • holeshot

    just shot my encore with matchgrade machine 24" bull barrel today, used factory ammo and it shot .724" 5 shots and .755'"also 5 shots off bench at 100yards in about 8 mph tail wind. nikon 6-18 duplex

    • holeshot

      sorry guys, my last post was for the new 17 hornet from hornady

  • d. myers

    it would be nice if savage would put them out to the public after all this is the varmet time of the year. i've had one on order since the first week of janurary

  • Matunuck

    22 Hornet is the way. Have three: an H & R Topper with a 4×12 Nikon, a Ruger 77 with a Weaver 3×9, and an 1879 RemHepburn #3 re-barreled on a 24" Douglas flat sided with 1:14 twist for 52 grainers. The #3 does one half inch groups at 100 yards! Need at least 46 grains for coyote. 17 is for 5 pounds or less. Plenty of 224 bullets, lottsa powders and primers. But some standard rifles won't fire off tough CCI small rifle primers. Had to beef up my 77/22H firing pin spring.

  • jeff

    I cant wait but I am left handed and of course left eye dom is it possible to get a left handed stock for the savage varmiter

  • Steve Thompson

    i have a 17 mach 4 , and it shoots great , 17 hornet will be a good one also

  • Rod

    i'm keen to hear more about the savage 25 , heard greatly varying accuracy results with some savages , but i have a CZ in 22 hornet , 35grn vmax at 3250fps , .5inche grps at 100 yds , shot over 30 foxes so far this year , from 23 to 198 paces , great litle quiet cartrdge . The .17 hornet seems to be the perfect upgrade for those longer shots ….

    • Russell

      Hi Rod,I have a Bruno CZ 22 hornet,12.5 grains little gun 45 grain bullets,2960 ftps no pressure signs,lovely little rifle.

  • bob

    I got tired of waiting for the savage,so I also bought a match grade machine barrel in 17 hornet for my encore. With no wind, I am getting better than .4" groups. No kidding.

  • Mike Hill

    It appears that I have either signed up late or there are a good deal more of us out there than I figured.
    Anyhow, my name is Mike Hill too, and I noted quite a little discussion and interest on the .17 K Hornet.
    Anyone wants to talk to me about it, feel free to e-mail me with questions. I developed the .17 KH for Kimber years ago.

    • Justin

      I just picked up a Ruger No.1 .17 kimber Hornet. I don’t know anything about this rifle and have found very little about it online. I would love to learn all about it! Is it true you can shoot the .17 Hornet factory ammo out of the KH?

    • Greg R

      I put a CZ Hornet on layaway a few months ago and I almost have it payed off. I can’t wait for some reason I’m very excited about getting this gun it sounds like it will be a blast to shoot and reload. Can you give me a an idea of a mid range scope that would be great for hunting coyote?

    • Ron

      Pray tell?

  • Eddie983

    I've got a .223 and I also have a .17HMR which I have to say is a fantastic little rifle. For me the flat trajectory, range out to 300 metres and the ability to reload bringing my costs down makes it a no brainer for me. I'm going to get one of these .17 Hornets!

  • mark 71

    2012 is all most over savage can't wait any longer .wander what the hold up is?????????

    • elkslayer916

      i got one friday sept 7 shoots awesome under .5 inch groups at 100 yards. also very quite not much more than .17 hmr . prarie dogs did not like it at all.

  • mark 71

    Opps wonder what's going on.

  • mark 71

    Sorry savage u lost a sale . Proud owner of a Cz 527 17 Rem. Tired of waiting for your product.

  • Ric hard B. Lowell

    Dear Sir : I recently purchased a Winchester .32 WS. Lever action second hand which appeared to be in supper good working order at the time on purchase . I went the sight it in the other day and found that once the cartridges were loaded into the magazine that that could not be injected into the chamber with the use of the lever action all though they will chamber manually . I wanted to try the new Hornady 165 gr.FTX LEVERevolution a plastic nose bullet cartridge and came to find out that they could not be inserted (injected) into the chamber . Will you please e-mail be back with the over-all lenght of the cartridge mention above and also the length of the Round Nose cartridge . I think that the Plastic tipped cartridge is just to long for the lever action of this rifle . Please e-mail me at ( Thank You For Your Time .
    Richard B. Lowell


    Bought a Ruger77/17 recently and it is a very fun gun to shoot. I guess my only concern is the price of ammo? I can buy Hornady ammo for my .204 off the shelf here in Alaska for 20.00 per 50. This new .17 Hornet cost about the same for only 25? How are they going to get people excited about this cartridge with this excessive pricing? I can buy cheap 30-06 rounds for less than that.

  • 6PPC shooter

    The CZ in 17HH is going to be the ticket for fox and bobcat. We shoot piles of fox a year, and the 17 Remington is a bit too much at closer ranges, and the HMR can't handle the long shots. This will be a great all purpose caliber for fur. I have already handled the Savage version and passed on that. Too bad Savage can't have the build quality and fit and finish on par with how good they shoot.

  • SpeedKills

    I have a .17Rem, .17M2, .17HMR, .221 Fireball, .22 Hornet, .22 K-Hornet, .218 Bee and a raft of big .22’s (mostly Kimbers of Oregon) and a .17 Hornet on the way from Shilen. I love ‘em all!

  • doc h

    just got one the other day,i must say iam impressed it has some zip to it and shooting a half inch group at 100 yds most of the time I wait for the first cutting of the hay to hunt ground hogs but I don’t think I can do it this yr iam going to go try it out very soon !!!! don’t wait go get one guys

  • Eddie Veness

    Why are there no magazines available for the .17 Hornet?

    • Greg R

      It’s very hard to find bullets for this gun I hope it will get better. I have around 500 rounds for it. And I can reload them so, that will help. I’m waiting to get brass from Midway which no luck so far. If anyone knows of any brass that I can purchase please email me I would greatly appreciate it.

  • Eddie Veness

    If anyone knows where you can find Savage .17 Hornet magazines please let me know. There are none in the UK and I’ve had some on order since March last year 2012. I see looking around the states that there appears to be none there either.

  • Eddie Veness

    I have tried to speak with Savage Arms, but they don’t want to talk to me or let me know when I will recieve my order, which is 12 months overdue.

  • josh

    Does anyone know what is the difference between the laminate stock and the target model besides the thumb hole?

  • Mason

    Honestly if you want a varmint gun go with a .22-250 it has factory loads from 45-62 grains and can be loaded to almost any specks as far as I’m concerned any .17 bullet will be inferior to the faster .22 bullets with higher B.C.s’ the 22-250 work great on woodchucks and prairie dogs past 500 yards it may be a little heavy if you want the pelts of fox and coyote in the best condition however there’s some practical uses for the .17’s I especially like the HMR for squirrels but that’s about it or where the power of the .22’s is too much but you shouldn’t be shooting in that close of quarters anyway, the .22-250 is one of the flattest shooting .22’s on the market behind only the .220 swift that I can think of

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