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Weatherby Vanguard Series 2 Rifles Are Here

by Scott E. Mayer   |  July 21st, 2011 21

At the 2011 SHOT Show, Weatherby showed me its new Vanguard Series 2, or S2 rifle. If any RifleShooter readers think Weatherby rifles are only chambered in super magnums and priced for the super rich–think again. The S2 starts at a suggested retail price of less than $500 and can be had in chamberings ranging from .223 Rem. up to .338 Win. Mag. with a several standard, magnum, short magnum and Weatherby magnum chambering in between.

With the Series 2 you’ll get a new match quality two-stage trigger, 3-position safety, and a re-designed composite Monte Carlo stock with special “griptonite” inserts and palm swell for a surer, firmer grip. Best of all, every Vanguard Series 2 rifle is guaranteed to shoot SUB-MOA groups right out of the box.

The new Vanguard Series 2 rifles with guaranteed SUB-MOA are beginning to hit the shelves at gun dealers and retailers across the country. There’s still plenty of time before big game season to scope, zero and practice with a new rifle. If you’re in the market for a rifle from a major manufacturer at a great price and with an accuracy guarantee, ask to see a Weatherby Vanguard Series 2 next time you’re at your local gun shop.

  • dean rivera

    best rifle in the world.lazermark in 270 weatherby dream rifle.i have wanted a weatherby for 30 years.

  • dean rivera

    i would name my lazermark deanna after my daughter.

  • Jeff

    Dean – I don't have a Lazermark, but I do have a .270 Weatherby Magnum. It is an excellent cartridge – great range, fast, and managable recoil. It is a very underrated cartridge.

  • Richard Allan

    Have owned and hunted with Weatherby Rifles for over thirty years. Over forty animals taken from the US,Canada, Alaska,and Africa. They have always shot sub moa groups and performed flawlessley.

  • CGrove

    I have a West German Mark V in 270 Weatherby. Want to buy it?

  • Renn Daniels

    I own eight Weatherby Rifles in the Mark V Deluxe and I absolutely treasure each rifle for the same of the game I am hunting. Perhaps my favorite is the the .300 Wby mag for elk and the .257 for deer. However, my .270 and 7mm are close seconds in each category. I have taken more game with my German made .300 than all the others combined. My .257 will provide 5-shot groups at 100 yds. that are all eating the same hole. I will always be a Weatherby fan.

  • Ted

    It would be nice if the large calibers (7mm – .338) came with a muzzle brake. Saves time having a local gunsmith install one. My old shoulder can't handle much recoil anymore.

  • Clyde Atkinson

    How about the 2 stage trigger. Is that a good thing, I dont have a vangard, but gonna save up to get the new S2. how is the recoil. I have a Rem 770 (cheap) in 308 and it has heavy recoil.

  • Norm Mastalarz

    I took my new Vanguard S2 in 7mm-08 to the range today for my first session with the new rifle. My first 3 shot group with my favorite 7mm-08 load using 120 Sierra Pro Hunter bullets went into just over 3/4 inch at 100 yards from the bench. I then began getting one flyer out of each 3-shot group. When I got home, I checked the stock screws with my FAT Wrench and found them in need of tightening to factory specs. Tomorrow's groups should be more consistent. (From now on I will ALWAYS check screw tension on any new rifle before taking it to the range!) I was surprised to note far less felt recoil at the bench than with my Marlin in this caliber, probably due to the Vanguard's heavier weight. The trigger is excellent! I think this is a lot of rifle for not a lot of money. For shooters, I think these are the "Good old days". Great rifles at affordable prices.

    • Mads Sandbakken

      Did you have a time to test it again? Did the flyer problem disappear?

      I am also curious as to what you think of the new stock. Seems like an improvement. Is it aluminum pillar bedded and the barrel free floating?

      I also want to get one in 7mm-08 and glad to hear the recoil is not too heavy. Thanks for the info!

      • Phil M.

        My question is does the S2 come with different sized actions? I don't see much reason to buy a rifle in a short caliber with a long action.

        • Fred

          Yes,vanguards come in short and long action sizes.Same actions as on the howa line of rifles.Very strong actions.Get one before demand drives up the price.

  • Keith

    I wish they built one in a long action.

  • Mike Runkel

    Weatherby has been making quite a variety of superb firearms. The newer Vangards may be significantly less expensive, but they are very respectable in the same class as Remington, Howa, Tikka, ect.

    The higher end Weatherby's are trully superb and may be considered in a class of their own. I know of no finer modern-day manufacturer of rifles that a middle-class American can afford.

  • John Brown

    The Vangaruds are made by Howa in Japan.

  • Dave

    Just the Barrells are rest gun from California

  • j baily

    i just bought a s2 in 300wsm. personnally, i feel it has mild recoil for a mag, and it is very accurate. the barrel is not free floated, nonetheless, it wouldn,t matter as ahunting rifle, the first shot would be from acold barrel. the trigger is excellent . it would be hard to find a comparable rifle for the money.

  • bill

    barrel and action is made by howa. go to legacy sports web site and you can learn all about the new howa 1500 (hact) trigger.

  • reddogdixon

    I wish they would have made it with a 26' barrel so we could milk it for all of its speed in the wby calabers – 257, 300. ect.

  • abel

    got my vanguard s2 on 7mm@8 what a mess the tape they put in the barrel
    ruins the blue i used every thing to take glue an marks off .nothing i call weatherby no help
    beware if you buy one the tape on barrel is bake in
    please if any one knows how to remove marks my email is

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