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Single-Shot Versus Bolt-Action Rifles

by RifleShooter Video Team 14

http://brightcove=1343631851 Craig Boddington and Wayne Van Zwoll conduct a range challenge to find out the speed difference in shooting 3… more »


VIDEO: Can You Spot The Sniper?

by RifleShooter Online Staff 4

A key component to being an effective sniper is stealth; being able to move in and out of hide sites… more »


Spitting Distance: Tactics For Close-Range Shooting

by Craig Boddington 3

When game is close, good shots are often the result of speed and precision.

Finn Aagaard Guns and Hunting book cover

Book Review: Finn Aagaard on Guns and Hunting

by J. Scott Rupp 0

When talk turns to the great gun writers of all time, the discussion usually turns around two figures: Elmer Keith… more »

Long Range AR Shooting

Tips For Long Range AR Shooting

by J. Guthrie 10

Once you get a grasp of the basics of long range AR rifle shooting, it’s pretty simple to learn the… more »

Thoughts On Testing: Why Not 200 Yards?

by J. Scott Rupp 16

A few readers have questioned why Rifle Shooter magazine doesn’t use 200 yards as our standard distance for accuracy tests…. more »

craig boddington shooting

Long Range Shooting

by Craig Boddington 29

We all have our definitions of what constitutes “long range shooting,” and we all have our personal range limits as… more »

boyer book web

Review: The Book of Rifle Accuracy

by J. Scott Rupp 1

When you open a book on rifle accuracy and are greeted with a quote from the author, “The wind is… more »

Focus your binocular for a sharp image up close, even in open country. You have more focus time for long looks.

Easy How-To–Focusing A Binocular

by Wayne van Zwoll 5

To get the most from your hunting glass, make sure it’s adjusted for your eyes! by Wayne van Zwoll All… more »

A .22-250, fired prone from 500 yards, yielded these five consecutive hits. Wayne watched the mirage and shaded into it, pausing during boils.

Mirage: It Makes Air Visible–and Targets Move!

by Wayne van Zwoll 1

On a warm, sunny day, you’ll see heat waves, or mirage, shimmying off the ground. Mirage is especially pronounced on… more »

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