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Bolt Action Shooting Tips

Single-Shot Versus Bolt-Action Rifles

by RifleShooter Video Team   |  April 2nd, 2012 14

Craig Boddington and Wayne Van Zwoll conduct a range challenge to find out the speed difference in shooting 3 targets with a single-shot rifle versus a bolt-action rifle.

  • Terry Perkins

    That is why I love my 1873 Trapdoor 45/70 Spingfield. Didn't have the money for a real Cav. old timer so I got the Harrington Richardson and can shoot modern ammo. Does it shoot.

  • Bill K

    That is also why I enjoy and like my numerous tc Contenders. Bill K

  • Carl N.

    Single shots are awesome, but this example was VERY skewed. Wayne really took his time and even lowered the gun to work the bolt (which can easily be done while on shoulder). Craig moved more deliberately in an effort to have a good time. There's no reason to lie about how much faster a bolt action is versus single shot. Please, just deliver the facts. There are advantages to having a single shot. Why not talk about those and show us how fast someone can deliver subsequent shots, so people can make informed decisions. P.S. Sorry for the rant. :)

  • tom

    I use both single shots and bolt action rifles and the ruger no. 1 is faster then the encore rifle because of the way that rifle is made.I notice Wayne was cut during the shoot which has happen to me.-Tom

  • Gringo Lobo

    I quote Carl N… No more than 10 seconds for a bolt action in skilled hands…

  • Tim

    Wow!!! Carl N. hit it on the head. Let's not blatantly lie about the speed difference between the two platforms. It is garbage like this that has compelled me NOT to subscribe to their magazine.

  • Cisco

    Ditto what Carl N. said. Pure sillyness.

  • Mr. Ed

    with a single shot, one usually takes his time and makes sure of it because he knows he has that 1 shot. Anyone shooting a bolt action knows he has a backup shot. And a bolt is definitely faster .

  • evandailey

    How much did Thompson Center pay each of you for that commercial? For goodness sakes Van Zwoll! You could've had a sandwich between each of those shots.

    • Nagabhushan Varadaraj

      Very “Sensable” your comment is a high of its own expression.!! Stands Paramount.!!

  • shane256

    The first shot is the most important. You should never count on being even able to make a follow up shot. Make the first one count and if you can't be sure of it, maybe pass on the shot or wait until you can. It's not like people aren't successful with muzzleloaders and archery.

  • Capt. Brian Kelly

    Try an honest comparison! use both types to their full potential and you will find the bolt action leaps and bounds ahead of the single shot. yes, i am referring to accurate shots not spray and pray.the single shot is fine,the first shot the best,but let's properly use the bolt rifle and show the results that experienced shooters, like youselves , know will show forth!

  • j3cub

    Not to stray too much from the discussion, but I recall Wayne Van Zwoll’s defense of iron sights v. scopes debate some years back. What we are talking about is the individual’s willingness to set their own standards of what they feel is fair chase. You set the degree of challenge, and you don’t always have to follow the crowd. Now days, I have more fun hunting with single shots or my old 30-30 with iron sights than the most up to date, space rifles. Maybe I have just matured.

  • mike

    well everyone knows a bolt is faster, i love bolt actions and single shots due to being easier and faster take down to clean compared to a lever gun or a semi auto

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