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.22 Hornet vs .22WMR

by Brad Fitzpatrick 0

Brad Fitzpatrick compares the .22 Hornet and the .22WMR.


Ruger Model 77/22 Green Mountain Hornet Review

by Stan Trzoniec 13

When it comes to hunting woodchucks in the Northeast, I’m a .22 caliber junkie. From the rimfires to commercial centerfire… more »

.222 Remington from bench

Varmint Rifle Battery

by Layne Simpson 7

  A varmint rifle battery capable of serving the needs of everyone does not exist. This is due to the… more »

firing Lyman Ideal Model Sharps

Review: Lyman Ideal Model Sharps

by Rick Hacker 6

The Ideal Model Sharps Rifle derives the first part of its title from the iconic Ideal Tool Company, which evolved… more »

Hornady .17 Hornet

The New Hornady .17 Hornet

by J. Scott Rupp 136

If there ever was a cult classic varmint cartridge it’s the .22 Hornet, a cartridge that can trace its factory… more »

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