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Mossberg MMR Pro

by Brad Fitzpatrick 0

The Mossberg MMR Pro delivers 3-Gun features for shooters looking for a competition-ready gun direct from the manufacturer.


How to Repack and Store Your AR Ammunition

by David Fortier 11

Most riflemen will expend a good bit of effort when it comes to ammunition selection. Picking the right load whether… more »


SIG’s New Soldier: SIG Sauer SIG551-A1 Review

by David Fortier 9

While seen by few and shot by even fewer, the commercial semi-auto version of the SG550 rifle stimulated a great… more »

shooting Mossberg MMR Tactical

Mossberg MMR Tactical

by James Tarr 2

Mossberg’s entry into the AR field is the MMR, a direct-impingement design that is being offered in two different lines,… more »

shooting an m4

5.56 and .223: Are They Different?

by Patrick Sweeney 21

You don’t have to play in the AR playground very long before you hear or ask the question; “Does .223… more »

Winchester PDX1 ammo

Review: Winchester PDX1 .223

by Patrick Sweeney 3

The .223 (and its fraternal brother, the 5.56) do their terminal ballistic work in their full metal jacket guise by… more »

mossberg mvp rifle

Review: Mossberg MVP

by J. Scott Rupp 49

The Mossberg MVP (Mossberg Predator Varmint) is a purpose-built rifle for sure, with a fluted 24-inch medium bull barrel and… more »

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