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How to Repack and Store Your AR Ammunition

by David Fortier 11

Most riflemen will expend a good bit of effort when it comes to ammunition selection. Picking the right load whether… more »


SIG’s New Soldier: SIG Sauer SIG551-A1 Review

by David Fortier 9

While seen by few and shot by even fewer, the commercial semi-auto version of the SG550 rifle stimulated a great… more »


Top Dog: Texas Weapon Systems Mount Offers Optics for AKs

by David Fortier 0

There’s a lot to like about Kalashnikov’s design. It is robust, its reliability is legendary, and it’s bowling ball simple…. more »


One Hell of a Rifle: The I.O. Inc. Hellhound Review

by David Fortier 7

It’s sad but true that the Golden Age of military surplus is over. The classic Mausers, Enfields, Carcanos, Berthiers and… more »

AR Back Up Sights

AR Back Up Sights

by Brock Norman 1

Even with optics, it’s important to have reliable AR back up sights on an AR-style rifle. http://brightcove=971339063001

FNH Sniper Rifles

FNH Sniper Rifles

by Brock Norman 3

David Fortier gives a range report on super-accurate rifles from FNH including the extra steps FNH takes to make these… more »

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