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Lones W. Wigger, Jr.: A Legend Looks at 80

by J. Scott Rupp 0

Lones W. Wigger, Jr.—the United States’ most decorated competitive shooter—has passed away following a battle with cancer. He was 80 years old. The following article appeared in the November/December 2017 issue of RifleShooter magazine.


Clerks Relate Gun Shop Horror Stories

by James Tarr 24

I have visited several large gun stores recently from Michigan to Florida–specifically the Florida Gun Exchange in Ormond Beach–and have… more »


SIG Sauer M400 Review

by Kevin R. Davis 26

SIG Sauer is a company name that is synonymous with quality firearm design and execution. Touring the factory, I saw… more »


SIG’s New Soldier: SIG Sauer SIG551-A1 Review

by David Fortier 9

While seen by few and shot by even fewer, the commercial semi-auto version of the SG550 rifle stimulated a great… more »

Self-guided bullet

Scientists Patent Self-Guided Bullet

by Dylan Polk 3

A team of scientists in New Mexico have invented the unthinkable: a bullet that doesn’t miss. According to KRQE-TV, scientists… more »

oconnor vid[3]

Video Review: Jack O’Connor: An Outdoor Legend

by Scott E. Mayer 3

by J. Scott Rupp Don’t be put off when you first start watching “Jack O’Connor: An Outdoor Legend” and see… more »

boyer book web

Review: The Book of Rifle Accuracy

by J. Scott Rupp 1

When you open a book on rifle accuracy and are greeted with a quote from the author, “The wind is… more »

Focus your binocular for a sharp image up close, even in open country. You have more focus time for long looks.

Easy How-To–Focusing A Binocular

by Wayne van Zwoll 5

To get the most from your hunting glass, make sure it’s adjusted for your eyes! by Wayne van Zwoll All… more »

A .22-250, fired prone from 500 yards, yielded these five consecutive hits. Wayne watched the mirage and shaded into it, pausing during boils.

Mirage: It Makes Air Visible–and Targets Move!

by Wayne van Zwoll 1

On a warm, sunny day, you’ll see heat waves, or mirage, shimmying off the ground. Mirage is especially pronounced on… more »


Focusing a Scope

by Scott E. Mayer 1

Q: I have an older Bushnell 6-18 power scope. The crosshair is blurry, so the scope, my eyes or both… more »

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