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boddington with lord derby eland and .375 ruger rifle

Choosing the .375 That’s Right For You

by Craig Boddington 8

The .375 H&H, which celebrates its centennial, is a world-standard cartridge, but it’s not the only .375. Not counting wildcats… more »

Weatherby Vanguard Series 2 072111

Weatherby Vanguard Series 2 Rifles Are Here

by Scott E. Mayer 21

At the 2011 SHOT Show, Weatherby showed me its new Vanguard Series 2, or S2 rifle. If any RifleShooter readers… more »

Selected Vanguards are identifiable by their "SUB MOA"-engraved floorplates.

Weatherby Vanguard Sub-Moa

by Clair Rees 0

A bargain-priced Weatherby that shoots under an inch at 100 yards, guaranteed. I don’t know when Weatherby first began guaranteeing… more »

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