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Stag Model 7 and 7L

September 23rd, 2010 28

Oct. 2008

New Britain, CT–Stag Arms, a worldwide leader in rifle manufacturing, has just unveiled the newest member of its AR family of rifles the Model 7 and 7L.

Each year, Stag Arms strives to introduce a rifle that is in demand and innovative to the AR market. With the introduction of the Model 7, Stag Arms has targeted their newest customer base–that of the avid hunter. Weighing in at just under 7 lbs, the 6.8mm caliber rifle has increased stopping power without added weight. Built with the hunter in mind, the Model 7 boasts a 20.77″ stainless steel barrel 4 groove rifling and a 1:11 twist for improved accuracy, ballistics, and overall performance.

Stag Arms has then added a custom non-reflective S7 finish that is not only non-reflective but also seals and prevents corrosion. Complete with a Hogue pistol grip, free-float handguard with over-molded rubber, two-stage match trigger, and a 5 round magazine, the Model 7 Hunter is slated to be the most popular 6.8mm rifle to date. In addition, it is optic ready with an integral scope rail and a railed gas block–making it perfect for the pursuit of prey or home protection.

The Model 7 Hunter will officially hit retail shelves in mid-December. For additional information, please contact Stag Arms at (860) 229-9994

  • John Mondello

    Build it with a 22 or 24 inch barrel or a 30AR with a 22 or 24 inch barrel

  • Jim Vanicelli

    would like to see a .308 ,or a 7mm08 , added to your list of calibers ,these are more common caliber to find in any outdoors store

    • frank hannah

      yes i wold like to see 7mm08 in the stag arms ar platform

  • Michael

    Would this upper work on my lower model 2 ? It would be great if out will work with my lower half assembly.

  • David

    Looks and sounds good. I would rather see a necked down round in the 50 Beouwolf round, or similar. Say in a 33, 35 or 36 caliber. It would really be a great all around fit for this gun. Small with a big bite!!

  • Chris B

    All the above people seam to want to do is complain about not having your favorite caliber or some rediculouse overbore and underused wildcat they want. Sugestion. BUY A MODEL 7! The 6.8 is the best damn AR calaber for all size of game up to deer. It's extreamly accurate and there is no recoil. So stop your winning and look at the genious that is the 6.8.

    • Bill Spurgeon

      I like the way you put this.I have been wanting a 6.8 like this for a long time. The 6.8 is overlooked because people like you said it are allways wanting something else. Wild Bill, Kartah

  • Marvin

    Would like to see them built a 6.5

  • Steve

    How about a piston system model 7 with the same a 1-11 twist and the same 20.77 stainless barrel in 6.8 SPC

  • Steve

    And now that I am thinking about it how about the new model 8 piston rifle in 6.8 SPC with an 18 inch barrel in stainless steel with a 1-11 twist.

    • mct

      that's what I'm hoping for too…a Stagg Arms version of the LWRC M6A5 in 6.8.

  • Tony

    what a bunch of whiners

  • jim

    ya i would also like to see the 7L in 7mmo8 but i had to settle with a weird 6.8mm wtf mm it sucks. or should i say not easy to find. cant just run to fleet farm and pick some up bc they dont fricken carry them.

    • Ash

      I found all the ammo I need for this gun at Cabela's in numerous brands. To bad they only let a guy buy 10 boxes at a time due to the demand of all guns and ammo.

  • Harry Mudd

    Maybe they should just give them a way and every one would stop crying..

  • 2tay530

    All y'all need to realize the model 7 is an AR-15… NOT an AR-10!! 7mm08 is based one the 308 win with is the AR-10 platform. The 6.8 is a solid round for an AR-15 size platform. If you want more then pry your wallets open and get an AR-10. Stag isn't in the AR-10 business.

    • Cope

      Thank you 2tay530. People in general are experts in bitching when they don't know what they are talking about. If the 7mm-08 is your flavor then get an AR-10. Then we can listen to you bitch about how heavy it is.

  • Charles Bryant

    I think it is great you are offering at 15 's in larger calibers . How does 6.8 mm compare with the 6.5 mm ?

  • Subzero

    In response to Charles Bryant, the 6.8 and 6.5 Grendel are very close in velocity to bullet weight comparisons. The 6.5 is known for having better ballistic coefficients, however neither of these rounds pack enough punch to hunt white tails past about 250 to 300 yards. I have a model 5 stag in 6.8 I use for brush hunting and it works great.

    • S_J_Guns

      In response to Subzero, If you are still shooting whitetails at 250-300 yards perhaps you need to change tactics. The 6.8 even with a puny 110 gr bullet still has over 1000 ft lbs of energy at 275 and the 120 gr SST has over 1000 ft lbs at 300 yards, which has always been considered the minimum standard amount of energy needed to take down deer sized game. With 270 bullets going all the way to 150 gr I'm sure you will find one that will do the job.
      I haven't had to shoot a whitetail over 150 yards in 15 years. Mostly with a 30-30 and a 50 cal black powder neither of which has a whole lot more power than a 6.8.

  • Chris in MI

    Forgive my lack of experience- I will have a Model 7 very soon in my collection of shooters. I have already loaded my test rounds and I picked Xterminator powder. I plan to hunt whitetails and hogs with this AR.

  • carl

    The Stag mdl 7 is one of my favorite rifles

  • gregd548

    anyone know how much the model 7 weighs? it's not on their website.

    • Doug

      7.8 lbs

    • Ash

      It weighs just under 7lbs empty. It does say on the site, look up the gun and click on the article.

  • Snowman

    I'm new to the AR 15 guns, having been a bolt action shooter my whole life. I'm going to purchase either a Stag model 6L varmiter rifle, or the model 7L 6.8. Cany anyone give me their opinion on what the difference in recoil is?

    • Ash

      I believe the 6L is a .223? The 6.8 has more killing power but a little slower. Etiher way they are both accurate guns. The 7L has a two stage trigger, not sure if the 6L does (it might). The 6.8 is a great all around gun for hunting everything here in MN, where a .223 is good, but more of a coyote/home defense gun. The .223 was designed for the military to disable and not kill in war time events. The 6.8 was designed to be between a .223 and a 308 without the recoil. I own both and .223 AR15 and the model 7. I would definately take the model 7 if I was to choose between the two–great gun. If you wan't to stick to smaller animals the .223 is a good gun. I have also been able to find ammo in numerous brands for 6.8 at Cabela's.

  • Ryan

    Is it 5.56 and .223

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