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New Ruger 10/17TM Magnum Rifle

September 23rd, 2010 5

The Ruger 10/17 Magnum Rifle is designed for the flat-shooting .17 HMR and features a new light, rifle-style hardwood stock. The stock is slimmer with an increased length of pull and a tapered fore-end. A flat, synthetic buttpad replaces the curved, carbine-style buttpad on the Ruger 10/22 Magnum Carbine, and the barrelband has been eliminated. The 10/17 Magnum Rifle features a steel receiver with integral patented scope mounts, and Ruger scope rings attach directly to the steel receiver. The rifle also features a 20-inch tapered barrel, folding rear sight and gold-bead front sight mounted on a centerfire-style banded ramp. Price: $510. Contact Sturm, Ruger Inc., Dept. RS, 200 Ruger Road, Prescott, AZ 86301; (520)541-8820;

  • James Washington

    Where can I find this Rifle? Ruger does not have it on thier website.

  • Doug

    James, did you find one?

  • Pops

    Doug, James, It seems that this model never entered production:

    • James Hitt

      These guns were in production from 2004 – 2006 only they are out there but very rare!

  • Damien

    This rifle was only produced for a couple of years due to parts man. building parts for people to upgrade their 10/22 to the new rifle. The problem was that the 10/17 used a steel receiver and the manu's were building them out of aluminum. OUCH!

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