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Mossberg Patriot Review

by Jon R. Sundra

I have always maintained that at least 80 percent of a rifle’s overall visual appeal is determined by its stock. You… more »


RifleShooter 2015 Holiday Gift Guide

by RifleShooter Online Staff

Every year, we at RifleShooter look forward to stuffing our stockings and giving gifts with some of the greatest guns and… more »


Hitting a High or Low Angle Shot

by Joseph von Benedikt

Making precise hits on high and low angle shots has morphed from dark wizardry to science over the past several decades…. more »


Early Mexican Army Rifles and Cartridges

by Paul Scarlata

Our immediate neighbor to the south, the Republic of Mexico, has been cursed with internal conflict since gaining independence from… more »


12 New Air Rifles For Sale Today

by J. Scott Rupp

Air rifles have been more than toys for a long time. Thirty years ago, I competed in 10-meter air rifle… more »


Epic Moment: The Ridge Runner

by J. Scott Rupp

  It was the day after Thanksgiving. My dad and I had driven from Pennsylvania to Bath County, Virginia, to… more »


IMR 4007 SSC Powder Recall

by Evan Brune

Handloaders, check your powder. IMR Powder Company released a product safety warning and recall notice today concerning their IMR 4007… more »


Video at the Range: Ruger Gunsite Scout

by RifleShooter Video Team

In this segment of Guns & Ammo TV airing on the Sportsman Channel, we take a look at Ruger’s attempt to build a… more »


Dakota Model 76 Traveler Review

by Brad Fitzpatrick

In 1986, gunsmith Don Allen and machinist Pete Grisel joined forces to develop a hunting rifle that combined the reliability… more »


Breathing New Life into an Old Rifle

by Joseph von Benedikt

Driven by quantum leaps in the capabilities of rangefinders, riflescopes and super-accurate factory ammo, “average” hunting rifles have morphed into… more »

Big Game Rifles

Great Big Game Rifles

by Keith Wood

Each year, the industry gives us, the consumer, some fresh choices to see if we’ll bite. Some are instant classics… more »


Ruger M77/357 Review

by Jim Grant

At first glance, the Ruger 77/357 seems like a solution in search of a problem. Why would someone buy a… more »

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Five Reasons to Buy Your Hunting Rifle Now

by Brad Fitzpatrick

From our friends at Petersen’s Hunting: There is a select group of hunters that manage to harvest trophy animals year… more »

Combined Rifles

Top 10 New Deer Rifles

by Joseph von Benedikt

Deer season is only a few long months away. Visions of aspen-crowned sage slopes, frost-covered oak leaves on the forest… more »


CMMG Mk47 Mutant Review

by David Fortier

The 7.62×39 is not just a cartridge. It is one of the most significant military rounds of the 20th century…. more »

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POF-USA ReVolt Review

by Patrick Sweeney

When the subject of AR and AR-like rifles comes up, for some reason Patriot Ordnance Factory—better known as POF-USA—doesn’t seem… more »


‘Forgotten’ Winchester Model 1873 Now on Display

by RifleShooter Online Staff

After more than a century outdoors, the Model 1873 Winchester found at Great Basin National Park last fall will finally have a permanent home… more »


How to Lap Scope Rings

by Joseph von Benedikt

Lapping—or truing up the inside surface of your scope rings—protects the outside of the scope tube from damage; eliminates stress… more »


6 Tips for Long Range Accuracy

by Brad Fitzpatrick

The growing popularity of long-range shooting has prompted firearm and optics companies to develop new products that make it easier… more »


First Look: Big Horn Armory Model 90

by RifleShooter Online Staff

Big Horn Armory entered the industry back in 2008 with the intended purpose of designing a Browning-style lever action rifle… more »