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The .280 has a lot of famous fans, such as Hornady president Steve Hornady (r.), who used it on this Dagestan tur. But despite its capabilities and its loyal following, the round isn’t overly popular.

Seven Cartridges That Get Just Enough Love To Survive

by Craig Boddington 0

RifleShooter editor Craig Boddington takes a look at seven cartridges that get just enough love to survive.


Modern Bullets Can Elevate The 7×57 Mauser’s Performance

by David Fortier 0

David Fortier decided to examine what happens when you take a classic 19th century military rifle cartridge—specifically the 7×57 Mauser

When working up a new load, consider the rifle’s purpose, then research component types and reputations to help narrow it down.

Searching For Your Ideal Big Game Hunting Load

by Joseph von Benedikt 0

Editor Joseph von Benedikt takes a look at how to begin the search for your ideal big game hunting load.


Cartridge Clash: .338 Federal vs. .338 RCM

by Brad Fitzpatrick 0

The .338 Federal and .338 RCM are two very different cartridges in terms of performance, despite their similar profiles and bullet diameters.

Federal Premium Gold Medal Sierra MatchKing

Federal Premium Introduces Gold Medal Sierra MatchKing 224 Valkyrie

by RifleShooter Online Staff 0

Federal Premium launches a new load in 224 Valkyrie aimed at long-range target shooters with its release of 90-grain Sierra MatchKing

Winchester Deer Season XP

Deer Season XP Adds New Calibers to its Rifle Ammunition Line

by RifleShooter Online Staff 0

Winchester is adding the 117-grain, .25-06 Rem and the 250-grain, .450 Bushmaster loads to its Deer Season XP lineup.

The new .224 Valkyrie from Federal fits nicely into 6.8mm SPC mags, and it’s able to handle super-long, heavy-for-caliber bullets for great downrange performance.

Federal’s .224 Valkyrie

by David Fortier 0

Federal introduces the .224 Valkyrie, the latest effort to best the 5.56 in AR-15 rifles.

Federal's Edge TLR

Edge TLR – Inside Federal’s New Big Game Bullet

by J. Scott Rupp 0

Federal jumps into the across-the-spectrum bullet game with the Edge TLR.


.22 Hornet vs .22WMR

by Brad Fitzpatrick 0

Brad Fitzpatrick compares the .22 Hornet and the .22WMR.

Although they offer some handloading challenges, heavy-for-caliber hard-cast bullets with a broad meplats, such as this Crater 550-grainer, are outstanding for big, angry bears.

Bear-Stopping Heavy Cast Bullets

by Joseph von Benedikt 0

Super-heavy cast bullets turn your big-bore lever gun into a potent bear-stopper.

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