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First Look: Ruger BX-Trigger for 10/22

by RifleShooter Online Staff 3

Ruger has announced the launch of a new drop-in replacement trigger assembly for all Ruger 10/22 rifles and Ruger 22… more »


Stag Arms Model 3T-M Review

by Patrick Sweeney 0

Stag is an AR-15 maker that is often overlooked by the mil-spec crowd for reasons I really don’t get. The… more »

The Ruger No. 1 is among the most iconic single shot rifles and has been in use for decades.

Defending the Single Shot Rifle

by Keith Wood 1

The ram was alone. Because he wasn’t the dominant male, he lacked a black and white coat and therefore couldn’t… more »


8 Great KeyMod Forend Accessories

by Drew Warden 3

The KeyMod attachment system has become widely popular among rifle enthusiasts as the firearm industry has searched for a new forend design to replace… more »


Nosler Model 48 Patriot Review

by Brad Fitzpatrick 0

On the Fourth of July the highways leading into Cincinnati were packed with vehicles, most of them full of families… more »


The Best .17-Caliber Rifles Available Today

by Joseph von Benedikt 2

Seventeen-caliber rifles are just a little bit magic. They shoot whisper-tiny projectiles the same diameter as the BBs we all… more »


CMMG Mk3 CBR Review

by James Tarr 0

CMMG has been in business for over a decade. It’s one of those gun companies that, while not large or… more »


10 Best Bolt-Action Rifles of All Time

by Brad Fitzpatrick 66

The bolt-action rifle has remained a primary hunting and target shooting tool for more than a century. While the basic concept has stayed the same,… more »


Mod Squad: Is KeyMod the New Industry Forend Standard?

by David Fortier 1

In the not so distant past, mounting a light onto a rifle required a bit of fabrication and, quite often,… more »


Fact or Fiction: Double Rifles Are Faster Than Bolt Actions

by Brad Fitzpatrick 8

Double rifle enthusiasts prefer these guns for dangerous game because they offer faster follow-up shots than bolt guns. Is that… more »

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