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Blind Fieldstrip an AR-15 Rifle

by David Fortier   |  July 17th, 2012 5

We test Field Editor David Fortier to the limit by blindfolding him and asking him to fieldstrip an AR-15 rifle (Stag Arms 6.8 Model 5). Was he blindsided by this idea, or could he find a way to beat the odds?

  • kevin

    he's gone too far on the strip. in the army, the field strip is only break down into components. not the entre carriage and bolt. all pieces must be apart, upper and lower. but never the less, he did a great job.

  • Dale

    No, but I can do the M-14.It had a cleaning kit, and McNamara didn't screw with the ammo to save money and kill G.I.s.

  • Harry Carlin

    used to be SOP back in the day………….part of our TOET's for all S/F operators…….(dunno about Leg Units……….??) Blindfold field stripping of ALL weapons and of course mag loading………. timed.

  • johnny ash

    ok i was 14 1/2 when i shot one of these i was in sheriff police explorers i went out to kerran mcmullens house OMG MY ARMS ARE SO SORE


    Wow – no comments!
    What an under appreciating audience.
    Great job Mr. Fortier!
    CO from Bama.

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