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Sauer Presents S 100 Rifles at SHOT Show 2018

by RifleShooter Online Staff   |  February 26th, 2018 0

OSG’s Matt Stoll joins Matthias Klotz, CEO of JP Sauer & Sohn GmbH, during SHOT Sow 2018 to discuss the company’s new line of S 100 rifles. Klotz begins with a little history about the company, which was founded in 1751 and is the oldest German gun manufacturer. Klotz goes on to bring out a couple rifles from their Sauer 100 Rifle line, and demonstrate how smooth the ejection is, and the silent safety. The S 100 rifles are premium-level entry rifles, and are available in calibers from .222 Rem to .300 Win Mag including, new 6.5 PRC. The firearms each feature a smooth 3-lug bolt, an easy-to-operate safety, and an adjustable trigger pull weight. The S 100 Pantera & Fieldcraft are long-range sporting rifles featuring an adjustable stock, a heavy fluted barrel,  and are available in polymer and laminated wood stocks. Stoll and Klotz go on to look at some different accessories and features available for the S 100 line.

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