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Clerks Relate Gun Shop Horror Stories

by James Tarr 23

I have visited several large gun stores recently from Michigan to Florida–specifically the Florida Gun Exchange in Ormond Beach–and have… more »


Don’t Flinch! 8 Ways to Save Yourself from Rifle Recoil

by Brad Fitzpatrick 10

Recoil is a nasty byproduct of shooting rifles, but ignoring recoil can cause major problems that are quick to develop… more »


Running Shots: 5 Things to Consider

by Brad Fitzpatrick 7

The ethics of shooting game on the run is hotly debated. Some claim that they would only shoot at moving… more »


5 Steps to a Rifle Revamp

by Brad Fitzpatrick 5

Want to turn your old deer gun into a tackdriver? Consider these five steps that are guaranteed to increase the… more »


AR Lube Advice From The Experts

by James Tarr 28

My daily carry pistol is a Glock, and Glocks are pretty much unique in the firearms world in that they… more »


Spit Shine: 4 Steps To A Clean Rifle

by Brad Fitzpatrick 7

Aftermarket barrels, good triggers, premium ammo and top-shelf optics will all help your rifle shoot well, but without regular cleaning… more »


Cowboy Action Shooting Secrets

by Rick Hacker 9

Guns, modifications and training tips to help you win the West on your next Cowboy Action Shooting Adventure.


Single-Shot Versus Bolt-Action Rifles

by RifleShooter Video Team 13

Craig Boddington and Wayne Van Zwoll conduct a range challenge to find out the speed difference in shooting 3 targets… more »


VIDEO: Can You Spot The Sniper?

by RifleShooter Online Staff 4

A key component to being an effective sniper is stealth; being able to move in and out of hide sites… more »


Spitting Distance: Tactics For Close-Range Shooting

by Craig Boddington 3

When game is close, good shots are often the result of speed and precision.

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