Three Rangefinder Products from Leica

Three Rangefinder Products from Leica
Rangemaster CRF (left), Geovid HD-8 3000 (middle), Rangemaster CRF 2700-B (right)

Leica is known for high-quality and cutting-edge binoculars and rangefinders. I recently had the chance to experiment with all three of the above rangefinding products to varying degrees. I already knew how much difference glass can make in binoculars, but I was amazed by the difference it makes in rangefinders. And while I didn’t have much experience with rangefinding binoculars before this, a Nebraska deer hunt taught me what a powerful and handy tool they are.

The 2700-B and the Geovid employ the same basic technology. A fast-scan mode allows tracking on moving targets, and the units incorporate a mode that produces equivalent horizontal range for angled shots.

You can go the holdover or come-up route as well, choosing from among 11 standard U.S. cartridge ballistic curves—or generate your own custom data on Leica’s website. Just download to the supplied micro SD card and insert it into the unit. If you opt for come-ups, these are customizable in several different formats.

The brand-new is a horse of a different color. While it can operate as a standalone like the other two, the selling point is that it can work with your phone via Bluetooth and the new Leica app or through a Kestrel Elite wind gauge.

I played with a beta version of the app and early version of the, and I experienced connectivity issues that prevented the two from playing nicely together all the time. But take this with a grain of salt, as I’m not terribly tech savvy and the problems could’ve been self-inflicted. I did find the app itself easy to use, however, and a better way of getting the rangefinder set up the way you want it.

All this technology—and the top-notch glass—comes at a pretty steep price. But if you’re a serious shooter with deep pockets, these products are worthy of consideration.

Rangemaster CRF

Dimensions: 41⁄8 x 27⁄8 x 11⁄4 in.
Weight: 6.5 oz.
Magnification: 7X
Max range: 2,800 yd.
Price: $1,099

Connectivity issues aside (see accompanying text), I think the Leica app is a better interface than the on-board or SD-card generated data because the app is a lot more user-friendly. Tech-savvy shooters should find this to their liking, and it has the same great glass and ergonomics of the 2700-B.

Geovid HD-8 3000

Dimensions: 7 in. long
Weight: 2 lb. 3 oz.
Magnification: 10x42mm
Max range: 3,000 yd.
Price: $2,999

They’re heavy, but the great glass makes for eye-fatigue-free glassing, and you get instant range readouts at the touch of a button. I also liked the independent ocular adjustments and the five-click eyepieces.

Rangemaster CRF 2700-B

Dimensions: 41⁄8 x 27⁄8 x 11⁄4 in.
Weight: 6.5 oz.
Magnification: 7X
Max range: 2,700 yd.
Price: $899

Light, ergonomic and tack sharp, this is a great all-around rangefinder. The sharpness really comes into play in low light, where I was able to range deer out to nearly 1,000 yards just before dark.

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